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Top 10 English Songs That Still Live On

LifestyleTop 10 English Songs That Still Live On

Music is often called food for the soul; it is something that people associate special memories with, and in many circumstances, the words resonate with people for a lifetime. Saudiscoop has brought you the top 10 English songs that will never lose their unique charm and will forever continue to ignite the spark in whoever listens to them!

1. Bohemian Rhapsody By Queen

From the album ‘A Night at the Opera,’ this globally recognized song gave the world a piece with many layers and all the emotions. Listeners enjoyed hearing masterpieces in many different genres, including a capella, ballad, opera, and rock. 

The fusion couples with lyrics that hold such a variety of meanings that people still figure out the true meaning behind the song to this day! Moreover, Mercury never explained the lyrics’ meanings and always gave vague descriptions. 

Bohemian Rhapsody By Queen Saudiscoop

Many people come up with different opinions and speculations while devouring this song. The lyrics include a word from the Quran, the name of the devil, Belzebub, and references from classic Italian theaters. 

Throughout the song, we see that there isn’t a specific pattern. The tone of the music varies throughout the 6 minutes, and despite that, all the parts connect beautifully. 

The choir’s chorus is a mixture of three people singing: Freddie Mercury, Brian May, and Roger Taylor. The complexity of the piano that is played from start to finish emphasizes the duality of the song. So much so the biopic of Freddie Mercury is named after this song. 

This shows how genuinely integral Bohemian Rhapsody was to Mercury. It also shows how it established Queen’s music as a pillar to be remembered in modern music.

In modern times, when music has profoundly changed, we can genuinely say that artists to this day pick from the musical stylings of Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Not just that, they also include them in their work. Although this regal masterpiece is tough to match, we can find peace in knowing that it will never be forgotten, and whenever someone says “mama,” we will hear Freddie Mercury hum “no.”

2. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepellin 

This immortal piece sung by the legendary rock band was for their fourth unnamed studio album

Many music lovers regard this layered song as an anthem. It starts slow and gets increasingly vibrant before returning to a low pace. 

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin Saudiscoop

Jimmy Page and his guitar solo took the piece to its current sensational state. The riff is hugely played by most guitarists. In fact, it started to be known as the “forbidden riff” when a few guitar stores banned the song due to it being the most popular choice. 

The song is primarily well known for how the lyrics fit the sequence of the different tones and has also been referred to as “a complete marriage of music to lyrics” by Heart’s Ann Wilson. 

The lyrics also hint at philosophy; the eight-minute song transcends people to experience bliss. With the new generation getting hooked on this sound, we can say that this is undoubtedly a song that will be remembered as time passes and until time stops. 

3. Purple Rain by Prince

Prince described it as a song mimicking blood in the sky, showing how red blood mixes with the blue sky to form purple. 

Purple Rain is a complex song about one’s relationship with different people and guidance. This song from the same-named sixth studio album caught people’s immediate attention due to its sonic blends and melodic tunes. 

Purple Rain by Prince Saudiscoop