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Top Gun: Riyadh’s Best Shooting Range

SportsTop Gun: Riyadh's Best Shooting Range

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s ‘Top Gun’ shooting range, equipped with 39 shooting lanes, is not an ordinary shooting range. The safety and entertainment of its guests are of prime concern to the management. 

Shooting as a Sport in Saudi Arabia

The sport of shooting has deep roots in Saudi society, and Saudis have won many international accolades in this sport. Saeid Muqbel Almutairi (Skeet Shotgun) has participated in 5 Olympic games. Almutairi won the first Saudi gold medal at the Asian Games during the Hiroshima Games in Japan in 1994.

The Sport of Shooting

The sport of shooting comprises different competitions based on distance, accuracy, and speed. Different weapons define the various competition categories in this sport, e.g., air pistols, air rifles, shotguns, and other firearms. Shooting as a sport was first introduced as an Olympic sport in 1896.

Founded in 1907, The International Shooting Sport Federation regulates its various shooting competitions.

Competition Shooting

The sports categories comprise the following,

Target Shooting four categories:

1- .22 caliber Pistol rapid-fire shooting at 25 meters.

2- .22 caliber rifle shooting, Target distance 50 meters. Shooting from three positions, standing, prone, and kneeling.

3- Shooting 4.5 caliber air pistols at 10 meters.

4- Shooting 4.5-caliber air rifles at 10 meters.

Clay disc shooting includes two competitions:

Shotgun shooting

Clay disc shooting; two competitions,

1- Trap shooting consists of 125 discs

2- Skeet shooting consists of 125 discs

Top Gun, the Shooting Range

For your next adventure, head out to Top Gun in Riyadh. Located in Malham on King Fahd Road, visitors at Top Gun shoot firearms with live ammunition.

Firing lanes

Top Gun has 39 firing lanes. These lanes vary from short distance to long-range, indoors and outdoors. There is a zone dedicated to snipers where shooters practice with their 22 Caliber sniper guns. There are indoor and outdoor firing ranges for pistols. And outdoor ranges with reactive flying traps for shooting shotguns. 

Trained experts guide visitors on using firearms in a controlled and safe environment.

Safety First at Top Gun

During your session, shooters are provided protective gear, including Earmuffs, to block out the sound of the guns firing and safety goggles. 

You are not allowed to bring food or drink; you can not bring your firearms and must only use the weapons provided.

Competitive yet friendly

Visitors at the shooting range compete with friends and colleagues to determine their expertise and claim bragging rights.

Basic and VIP packages at Top Gun Shooting Range

Top Gun offers two packages – basic and VIP. The basic package includes the pistol field, shooting range, or sniper range experiences.

The VIP package features an upgraded version of these experiences and includes an elegant waiting area with multiple luxury features.


Pistol field experiences SR299 per person.

Shooting range experience SR375. 

Sniper field experiences SR250. 

VIP pistol field experience SR799. 

Entry for VIPs is SR199. 

Tickets via the MyTable app.

Other Entertainment at Top Gun Shooting Range

Top Gun grounds have a restaurant, coffee shop, and cigar room. Plus, a gift shop to buy souvenirs, a horse sanctuary, and a falcon show.