Riyadh Restaurants Bring Global Cuisines Together

Riyadh restaurants bring global cuisines together
Riyadh offers more than authentic Saudi cuisine. You will be surprised at the amount of experiments restaurants do here. Read on.

Being surrounded by interesting cultures and the influx of ex-pats in Riyadh, this capital city of Saudi Arabia offers a rich mix of local and international cuisine restaurants.

You can explore fusion dishes, several versions of a particular dish, and Saudi food. How cool is that?

Due to restrictions on alcohol, the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia focuses on adding mouth-watering food to its restaurants.

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Riyadh is no exception to the rule, and thanks to the various diplomats around the world living here, the city is abuzz with restaurants of all kinds. 

Here’s our pick of some of the best restaurants that you cannot afford to miss in Riyadh – 

The Globe Restaurant: Eating and globetrotting experience 

What do you prefer? Food with great ambiance or just good food? Either way, The Globe offers a stunning view of the city of Riyadh and lip-smacking dishes prepared with love by their chef.

Located on top of the Al Faisaliah Tower, The Globe is a transparent glass restaurant suspended 240 meters up in the air. It offers an array of Arabic and European cuisine. 

If you are at this restaurant in the afternoon, they will serve you the unique tea set against the city’s skyline backdrop.  

Menu: Check out their full menu here

Exact address: The Globe, King Fahd Branch Road, Al Olaya, Al Faisaliah Tower, The Geodesic Orb, Riyadh

Lusin Restaurant

Named after the Armenian word ‘Lusin’ meaning ‘moon,’ Lusin is a warm, intimate restaurant with a welcoming vibe.

This feel is possibly owed to its soft golden lighting and interior with a natural bent. Oh, here’s a little fun fact: there are stone slabs all over Lusin with inscriptions of Armenian poetry. 

Your trip to the Aremnian ambiance becomes complete with an instrument called a duduk played the whole time you are there.

Of course, there’s Armenian food and several other types of cuisine. We have loved their assortment of meats and hot and cold mezze. 

Menu: Check out Lusin’s Centria Mall’s menu. 

Address: Lusin 2/F, Centria Mall, 210 Olaya Street, Riyadh. However, it is located in 4 different places.

Yokari Restaurant

For those who believe that good food is an investment in gaining an excellent world experience, Yokari is your haven. Yokari, as the name sounds, is a Japanese restaurant that serves gourmet-style cuisine from Japan. 

But hey, Japanese cuisine does not mean only Sushi. In fact, Yokari has always stayed away from the usual cliches.

However, Yokari allows guests to ask the servers about the exact specifications of the Japanese dishes, and the servers don’t disappoint. In fact, servers here are quite knowledgeable. 

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You get a piece of Japan here with its subtle decor and small tables close to it. 

Menu: Experience this restaurant virtually and see its menu. 

Exact address: 2/F, Centria Mall, 210 Olaya Street, Riyadh

Najd Village Restaurant

It’s impossible to talk about Riyadh food and restaurants without mentioning one of the most authentic local go-to places in Saudi Arabia: Najd Village.

This place is unrivaled when serving Saudi food in a less cultural setting. 

The decor of Najd Village is Arabic style with bamboo roofs, ancient-style shelves with golden lamps, and Moroccan carpets.

It’s a heritage building that can host around 1,000 people with a wide variety of cuisines for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

The menu offers local dishes, such as matazeez (lamp dumplings in tomato sauce) and mogalgal (a peppery lamb dish), apart from other cuisines.

Like The Globe, booking the table in advance is best. Najd Village has also listed the Top 10 things to do in Riyadh, so you may want to check it out. 

Menu: This is what their menu looks like.

Exact address: Najd Village, Takhassusi Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh

Hualan Restaurant

No restaurant list of any city worldwide is complete without at least one Chinese restaurant.

So welcome to Hualan – the most authentic place to get your usual dishes and a lot of new ones you haven’t tried yet.

Hualan is known for creating innovative dishes by combining textures, flavors, and spices of Asian cooking. This is why Saudi folks adore Hualan. 

Take some examples. Have you ever heard of prawns in pumpkin sauce or jasmine-tea-smoked beef ribs? Yes, they have those, and take our word for it: they are delicious.

They also offer a comprehensive collection of bespoke Jing-tea and fruit smoothies with Asian ingredients.

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Let’s now talk about the decor: to an onlooker, it feels like simple geometric patterns on a terrace overlooking Riyadh’s skyline. However, the place vibes with energy. 

Menu: Get a tour of Hualan and check out their menu. 

Exact address: Hualan, 2/F, Centria Mall, 210 Olaya Street, Riyadh

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