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Getting A Refund For MOFA Attestation Fees

Jawazat & MOIGetting A Refund For MOFA Attestation Fees

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the ministry that deals with the country’s foreign relations. MOFA deals with KSA’s foreign financial, cultural, and political issues. 

These services include issuing visas and verification of all kinds of documents. Any document issued outside of Saudi Arabia requires attestation from MOFA to be valid in KSA. 

However, attestation of any document by MOFA is done for a fee you must pay within 3 hours of booking the MOFA appointment. But sometimes, you might not need the attestation anymore.

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 In such cases, you can get the attestation fees refunded.

This article will elaborate on the procedure you need to follow.

To Get a Refund of Your Attestation Fees to MOFA

  • Firstly, go to the E-services portal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of KSA by clicking on this link.
  • The page will start showing all the services MOFA is providing for you.
  • Search for “refund” on the new page opened. 
  • Now look for the “Review of Previous Applications and Refunds” link and click on it.
  • Select the “Start the Service” button at the bottom of the new page.
  • The new page will be in Arabic. Don’t change it to English if you don’t want to repeat this process.
  • Enter your Iqama number and the bill number you generated to pay the attestation fee and proceed to the Arabic page.
  • The page will refresh and send a code to the mobile number you used while generating the invoice. Enter that code into the system.
  • As a result, the system will generate all the information you entered when you previously generated that bill.
  • Check the check box in the third column at the bottom of this page and click on the button below it.
  • The page will refresh and show an Arabic green message on the screen to confirm the start of your refund process.

Note: The refund process by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of KSA generally takes 10-15 days to complete.

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