How Many Sim Cards Are Registered Under My Iqama in Saudi Arabia

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Here's a guide to help you check & find out how many sim cards are registered under your Iqama if you're living in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s a guide to help you check & find out how many sim cards are registered under your Iqama if you’re living in Saudi Arabia.

We’ve outlined a detailed process in this article so you can check the number of sim cards registered under your Iqama or identity number.

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You can use three methods to check the number of registered SIM cards on your Iqama.

  1. On CITC (Communication and Information Technology Commission) website 
  2. Through SMS
  3. By Calling at Customer Helpline Center

Method 1

Check Registered Sim Cards On Your Iqama Through CITC Website

CITC offers an online service for citizens living in KSA to check how many sims are registered on their Iqama. 

You can check this in two ways. 

  • Providing your registered mobile number or Without providing your registered mobile number
  • By Using an Iqama number, Date of Birth, and registered mobile number.

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Following are the steps you need to follow CITC:

  1. Go to the official website of CITC
  2. Select your language 
  3. After language selection, select Actor type as INDIVIDUAL
  4. Enter Iqama number and Date Of Birth
  5. Now enter your registered mobile number and image code
  6. Click on ‘Search’
  7. Enter OTP received on the registered mobile number you provided
  8. Click ‘Submit’
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The following window shows you the list of phone numbers/ Data sims linked to your Iqama or Identity card.

Convert Your Date of Birth from Gregorian to Hijri.

Only use the Iqama number and Date Of Birth.

This is the method by which you can check your sim cards without providing your mobile number. 

With this method, you can only see the number of connections associated with your Iqama, not the phone numbers.

The following are the steps:

  1. Open the CITC website
  2. Input Iqama number and date of birth
  3. Select option ‘I do not have a mobile number’
  4. Now enter the image code and click on the ‘Search’ button

Your mobile connections registered under your Iqama will be displayed.

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Method 2

Send an SMS to check the registered Sim on your Iqama

In this method, you can Check Registered Sim Cards On Your Iqama Through Your Sim Card by sending a message to your service connection.

The following number corresponds to the service connection you have.

Send a message to the next number according to your service connection to find out how many registered SIMs you have on your iqama/ID number.

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  • For Sawa and STC users, Send an SMS containing the code 9988 to 900.
  • For Zain customers, send an empty SMS to 700123.
  • Mobile users send a blank message to 616166.
  • For Virgin Mobile customers, send a blank message to 309985.
  • Those having Lebara will have to send an SMS to 1755 with the word ‘ID.’

After you have sent one of the above messages per your service connection, you will receive a message confirming the number of SIM cards you have.

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Method 3

Call At Customer Care Helpline

Every cellular network provides a customer care helpline to serve their customers better. Contact them to find out the details of your sim card.

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Moreover, sims registered in your name or iqama number can also be blocked or canceled.

  • Zain Customer Care: 959
  • Mobile Helpline: 1100.
  • STC Customer Care: 900 
  • Friendi Users Helpline: 166000
  • Virgin Mobile: 1789
  • Lebara Helpline: 1755

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