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Green City Compound Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

LifestyleGreen City Compound Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Explore the luxury of Green City Compound in Riyadh, featuring upscale amenities, diverse housing options, and meticulous design, setting new standards for premium living in Sheikh Zayed City.

Located in Sheikh Zayed City, it is a paradise for contemporary living, combining elegance and practicality. It is one of the best residential compounds in Riyadh.

Green City Compound beautifully blends sophistication with convenience under Ahmad Alwaithe’s vision.

Discover the features, facilities, and housing options that make Green City Compound the gold standard in premium living. 

Green City Compound promises a refined lifestyle tailored for an amazing experience. Despite being situated in the center of a bustling metropolis, it has a meticulous design and a peaceful ambiance.

Green City Compound Location

It is strategically situated in the western part of the city, in the Olaya/Rahmaniah district, near the Diplomatic Quarters and Downtown Riyadh. The prime location ensures quick access to commercial areas, educational facilities, and entertainment centers, giving residents a feeling of exclusivity as well.

Green City Compound Features

The Green City Compound is a way of life, not merely a place to live. The site has undergone a thorough overhaul to accommodate the changing demands of those looking for luxury living areas. 

The architecture and design have a contemporary appeal and combine comfort and elegance. Residents can expect to enjoy modern infrastructure, meticulously landscaped grounds, and various amenities that redefine luxury living.

Facilities Offered

The compound takes pride in providing a full range of amenities. It is built to improve every part of daily life, from cutting-edge fitness facilities to peaceful recreation places. 

Green City Compound Riyadh Swimming Area
Picture Courtesy: Google reviews.

Some of the facilities included are mentioned here under:

  • Security Features:
    • 24-hour monitoring systems
    • Restricted access points for a secure living environment
  • Amenities and Housing:
    • Various villas and apartments to cater to diverse housing needs
    • Features a state-of-the-art fitness center
    • It offers a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a children’s playground
  • Community Gatherings:
    • Clubhouse for residents to gather and socialize
  • Convenient Location:
    • Close proximity to schools, shopping centers, and major highways
    • Ideal for families and working professionals
  • Perfect Place to Call Home:
    • Well-maintained facilities
    • Scenic surroundings
    • Convenient location, making Green City Compound an ideal home in Riyadh

Explore Rental Prices

Here are the categories of the properties available with their approximate rental charges.

  • 1 BR Furnished Apartment – Type B-2
    • 1 Bedroom
    • Area: 110 sqm
    • Rent: (SR)120,000
  • 2 BR Furnished Apartment – Type B-1
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • Area: 150 sqm
    • Rent: (SR)140,000
  • 2 BR Furnished Apartment – Type C
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • Area: 110 sqm
    • Rent: (SR)130,000
  • 4 BR Fully Furnished Villa
    • 4 Bedrooms
    • Area: 250 sqm
    • Rent: (SR)210,000

Contact Details

Address: PMF5+H9G, Ar Rahmaniyyah, Riyadh 12343, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 54 065 5781


Ahmad Alwaithe’s project in Riyadh is the epitome of luxury. It’s an easy choice if you’re seeking upscale living due to its ideal location, first-rate amenities, and diversity of housing alternatives. 

The thoughtful design of every detail creates a unique blend of peace and class, raising the bar for residential living in the city.