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How to Find Affordable Flats in Dubai’s Prime Locations

LifestyleHow to Find Affordable Flats in Dubai’s Prime Locations

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Dubai is a great place to break the bank if you’re looking to bask in the most lavish amenities life offers, whether five-star hotels, yacht tours, or world-class continental eateries. 

But for those who weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth and are looking to settle into the most significant breeding ground for startups that lead to business tycoons, starting small might be a complex puzzle to break. 

That is why we believe it is essential to know where to look when you’re trying to buy cheap apartments in Dubai for foreigners.

The vital question is, where should you look for these apartments? Whether to go for realtors or agents or even look online. We think searching online for spaces is an excellent way to start.

Which Area Is More Affordable For Apartments In Dubai

There’s quite a discussion on which area suits new expats or foreigners coming to Dubai. Many agree that Diera might be the place. 

Diera is an old commercial area still the city center today, surrounded by many vital places. The Arabian Gulf, Dubai Creek, the Gold Souk, and Sharjah all tower on various sides of the Diera.

Since Diera is a popular tourist destination, it is often crowded as the streets’ hustle and bustle can be too much for residents. The streets are packed with tourists, commercialists, traders, and businesspeople.

Yet, due to its affordability, people still prefer Diera. This is evident because it is rarely vacant, occupied, or sold out all year. Getting an apartment there is like finding a needle in hay because there will always be four more people’s eyes in the same place as yours.

But there’s something for the residents there, too. It is close to Bur Dubai and home to the Al Ghurair Centre. These popular shopping destinations serve as staples for tourists and settled residents alike.

Many believe other places in Dubai are pocket-friendly, too, such as the Jumeirah Village Circle, the Dubai Silicon Oasis, the Al Nahda, and Bur Dubai. But even then, Diera is believed to trump all of them when it comes to being light on the pocket.

What Kind of Properties are the Most Affordable in Dubai?

Once you’ve decided and chosen the neighborhood or area you want to settle in, you’d need to see what property you want to rent or purchase. Houses in Dubai can range from 4000-square-yard mansions to 120-yard apartments.

Many people find 1BHK apartments to be an economical option. 1 BHK means the place will have 1 Bedroom, 1 Hall, and a Kitchen. This housing structure is typical and goes up to 3BHK.

While a bit more expensive than the 1BHK, studios are also great. Due to their trendy and stylish structure, they usually cost more, and we can see why. 

They do not have an in-built sitting room and are made of ample interior space. 

Many people use furniture such as chairs or beds to partition or divide these apartments.

The studio will have a kitchen and a bathroom too. But often, the kitchen will overlook the entire room. Nonetheless, it suits those who wish to lay on their beds and watch TV as their dinner cooks.

There are definitive reasons why these two types of apartments are cheaper than other properties.

  • Firstly, they take up smaller space. 1 BHK apartments are typically around 500-800 square feet, while studios are up to 350-550 square feet. And since they’re also apartments, they don’t occupy any land directly and can be built on floored buildings.
  • Secondly, they have a single room. It’s not just there is 1 room, but also that room may be smaller than usual. The lack of a guest room, living room, or front porch is made up by its reasonable price.

How do you make the best use of properties in Dubai?

Now that you have acquired a place, living in it is the best thing to do. Set it up by getting the furniture you like and designing the interior to your wishes. 

When the demand for living spaces is high, many believe they should buy and rent multiple properties. Such a strategy might be an inefficient use of housing. Hoarding basic life necessities and renting them for personal gain hurts the fraternity of society. 

In such a situation, it is best to buy properties if you’re looking to occupy and use them directly. As the saying goes, everyone gets a plate before anyone gets seconds.

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