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Health Risk Of Using Henna Causing Infection and Burning

HealthHealth Risk Of Using Henna Causing Infection and Burning

Doctors have warned of health risks that may affect henna users, especially during the blessed Eid Al-Fitr. Where ladies are keen to decorate their palms with henna patterns.

Fatima Al-Zarouni, a general practitioner, said: “I am surprised that girls want to apply black henna specifically, without knowing the damages resulting from its use.” According to the UAE newspaper, “Al Bayan.”

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She warned of the workers who visit women in their homes, where most workers are ignorant of the mixtures of henna or the harmful chemicals in henna that do not meet the health specifications. The use of dyes of unknown origin can lead to burns and skin irritation.

Al-Zarouni advised every woman interested in henna to seek the help of a specialized worker (famous Henna Artist) in a licensed salon while adhering to the preventive measures are compulsory.

Salem Al Yamahi, a consultant of family medicine at Tawam Hospital in Abu Dhabi, said, “Unfortunately, black henna contains chemicals that may burn the skin and cause deformities and infections that may require treatment for an extended period of months until the effects are eliminated”.