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No Hiring of Workers With A Criminal Record; No Deduction of Recruitment Fee From Salary

Laws & RegulationsNo Hiring of Workers With A Criminal Record; No Deduction of Recruitment...

Salient Features of Saudi –Pakistani Labor Pact Revealed

Jeddah — Riyadh, and Islamabad have agreed upon a new labor agreement. The labor agreement stipulates that no Pakistani with a criminal record shall be employed (workers) in Saudi Arabia. It is not allowed to deduct recruitment charges from the worker’s salary.

The worker shall arrive in the Kingdom within one month after receiving the work visa. The provision details are published in the official Saudi gazette Umm Al-Qura newspaper.

The deal aims to recruit laborers (worker) from Pakistan to work regularly in Saudi Arabia. Protecting the rights of both parties (employers and workers) and maintaining the contractual relationship between them.

The labor agreement stipulates that both countries’ human resources ministries must work on implementing a mutually acceptable system.

This system would allow the hiring, sending, and returning of Pakistani workers (no criminal record) hired to work in Saudi Arabia following the labor laws, rules, and regulations.

It should be ensured that labor recruitment would be through employment offices or reputable recruitment. The recruitment could also be through companies or agencies licensed by the governments of both countries.

Per the labor agreement, the Pakistani ministry is bound to carry seven primary responsibilities. Whereas there are six significant responsibilities for the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

There is also another provision in the labor agreement to set up a joint technical committee headed by high-level representatives of the two countries.

This committee will conduct a periodic review to evaluate and monitor the implementation of the labor agreement’s provisions. The committee will also hold rotating consultative meetings in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan at a date and place agreed upon by the two parties.

This joint technical committee can form sub-committees to meet regularly to discuss issues arising from this agreement. The committee can make the necessary recommendations in the agreement to resolve differences arising from interpreting and implementing this labor agreement.

The committee could also make amendments to this agreement whenever necessary. The labor agreement also stipulates to complete the settlement of any dispute over the interpretation or implementation of this agreement. Amicably in consultation between the two parties through diplomatic channels.

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In the event of the willingness to make any amendment or revision to any of the provisions of this agreement. This shall be done with the consent of the two parties following the legal procedures that are in force in both countries.

This shall come into force from the date agreed upon between the parties. In contrast, each party must notify the other party in writing through diplomatic channels to complete the required local clearance procedures. 

The labor agreement shall be valid for five years. It is automatically renewable for a similar period or period. Unless one of the parties decides to inform the other party – in writing – of its desire to terminate it through diplomatic channels.

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