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The Best Saudi Brands To Revamp Your Closet

LifestyleThe Best Saudi Brands To Revamp Your Closet

Looking for some fresh, fashionable additions to your wardrobe? Take a look around; our Saudi brands probably have all you need!

Saudi fashion has come a long way in the past decade, with audiences now having many choices. From everyday wear to luxury labels, a wardrobe update is accessible with the best Saudi fashion brands. 

Ready to up your game? Take a look at some of the top brands and start shopping!


Young and hip Saudis have created a casual yet fashionable streetwear subculture. Here are some of the top choices:

1886, Riyadh

The name of this streetwear label comes from a combination of the founders’ dorm room numbers. This duo has made it one of the most beloved Saudi brands in the market. 

Each piece of their collections combines Saudi heritage with its modern culture, so it’s a must-have for edgy fashionistas. 

Not Boring, Riyadh

While the Saudi fashion industry is entirely of streetwear choices, Not Boring is clearly thinking outside the box. 

It launched in 2017 and has been setting streetwear trends instead of following them. It uses fashion to tell a story, grab attention, and go against the flow. 

Looking for something unique, even in your hoodies and sweats? ‘Not Boring’ will probably speak to you and your tribe!

Designer Clothes

The fashion market is speedily growing in Saudi Arabia. The demand for designer clothes is undoubtedly going up as we speak. Take a look at some quality choices now: 

Pattern, Riyadh

This is a concept store that contains more than 50 of the best designer brands in Saudi Arabia. Here, you’ll find a community-based business offering curated lifestyle pieces. Plus, it’s an attractive spot for creative folks.

Papillon, Riyadh

Here is the perfect spot to get all your luxury lifestyle items. You also get to see pieces related to the fine arts. There are limited-edition prices, exclusives, and several other options that make connoisseurs keep coming back. 

This concept store also flips its collection every few weeks or so. Each time you go in, a new batch usually keeps the interest going. 


Saudis love their incense and fragrances, so perfume is a major part of their fashion arsenal. Check out some of the best brands to grab your scents: 

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Available at various locations, this store is known for pioneering all sorts of fragrances. Whether you want incense for your home or top-notch quality oudh, the Al Quraishi stores are among the most logical choices. 

After all, the family has been running this business since way back, around 1852.

There might be several other perfume brands available. Some may also be more exciting and on-trend, but nothing beats a classic. For now, the Al-Qureishi family remains ‘the masters of royal perfume,’ as the tagline says. 

Faisal Aldayel

This perfume house is also situated in various locations. The second you walk into one of these, get ready for pure luxury. It’s not one of the newest stores, either; Faisal Aldayel is an established name in the Saudi perfume industry. 

Having started in 2002, this perfume designer is now known for quality scents, Gulf perfumes, and country tributes. 


If you have access to the best Saudi brands for fashion, there’s no need to look anywhere else. Browse the local brands for a taste of your heritage while getting the quality you deserve. The options are exciting and trendy and will upgrade your lifestyle quickly!