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The Reason Why “God Bless You” Is Written On Every Saudi Plane

LifestyleThe Reason Why “God Bless You” Is Written On Every Saudi Plane

If you’ve ever seen a Saudi plane, you might have noticed something different. A small inscription is written on the cockpit region that goes ’اللہ یحفظک ‘ which translates to “GOD BLESS YOU.”

This inscription can be found on all Saudi civil and military aircraft. The history of this inscription is particularly interesting. It dates back to 1998 when Saudi Arabia received its last shipment of F15s. 

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According to King Abdul Aziz Academy, the then Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, visited the academy. He went there to inspect the newly received consignment.

During his inspection of the F15s at the eastern region’s airbase, the then Crown Prince of the Kingdom requested a marker and proceeded to write ’اللہ یحفظک ‘ (“GOD BLESS YOU”) on the cockpit of the aircraft.

The documentation of the academy further states that after the Crown prince assumed power in 1999 as the King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he ordered that the inscription be written on all Saudi planes, whether civil or military.

Since then, the tradition has continued. Now, all new and old Saudi aircraft have this inscription on their cockpits.