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Neom Trojena: An Unforgettable Mountain Retreat

LifestyleNeom Trojena: An Unforgettable Mountain Retreat

Neom City: What is it?

A ground-breaking project is getting built to redefine urban living and push the boundaries of innovation.

Neom City is an upcoming metropolis in the Tabuk Province of northwestern Saudi Arabia. It will become a hub for technology, sustainability, and progress. 

This extraordinary project claims to be a leader in these areas and is continuously trying to push the boundaries of what is possible. 

Neom City is ready to create a place that offers you an advanced way of living. It’s a place where innovation and taking care of the environment are top priorities. 

Join us in this exciting venture and explore the world of Neom City with us, a City that claims to build a better future and a modernistic world for everyone. 

Neom Trojena: All there’s to know about it

Neom Trojena is an unforgettable mountain retreat present within Neom City. Trojena is one of the most significant projects by Neom City, and it’s a magnificent destination with an outdoor ski resort and a manufactured lake. 

The excitement continues as Neom unveils its latest attraction, Trojena, a magnificent winter wonderland in Saudi Arabia.

Breaking the mold of traditional ski resorts, Trojena will become the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) first outdoor ski resort. 

The steep landscape and magnificent rock formations offer a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, with rock climbing, mountain biking, and thrilling adventure sports available. 

Get ready to embrace the thrill of hitting the slopes in a region known for its desert landscapes. If you’re a true lover of these towering wonders, Trojena will become your ultimate vacation destination.

Imagine waking up to the fresh mountain air, the sun gently kissing the peaks, and a stunning sight unfolding before your eyes. 

Trojena provides a vacation unlike any other, where you may immerse yourself in nature’s tranquil embrace, far away from the hurry and bustle of daily life.

Every step in Trojena unveils a new view. This unique perspective awakens awe and appreciation for the majesty and beauty of mountains.

What can we expect?

What awaits us is an extraordinary experience at the outdoor ski resort in the Gulf region. This destination sets itself apart from the renowned ski destinations of Europe, such as the Majestic Alps

What makes this ski resort even more remarkable is its accessibility, as it can be reached by nearly 40 percent of the global population within a convenient four-hour journey. 

Brace yourself for an unparalleled skiing adventure that brings the thrill of the slopes closer to many enthusiastic visitors from around the world.

The outdoor ski resort site is going to be a hub of activity, hosting various fascinating events such as sporting competitions, art exhibitions, concerts, and cultural festivals. 

By 2030, it is hoping to draw the attention of approximately 700,000 visitors and provide a home for 7,000 permanent residents. 

The planners have set their sights on completing the project by 2026, ensuring that this ambitious endeavor will be fully realized within the envisioned timeframe.

Trojena is surrounded by the majestic ranges of the Sarawat Mountains, reaching 2400 meters above sea level. The ski resort will offer a range of dining and retail options. It also is in the works of getting luggage delivered through drones and biometrics for virtual check-ins. 

Trojena is divided into six distinct districts, and each is carefully intended to deliver personalized and outstanding experiences. 

From September to November, the destination will have a dedicated wellness season featuring a variety of activities and programs designed to improve general health and well-being.

At Neom Trojena, some of the stimulating activities they will offer are a yoga retreat, an art residency, and an entertainment residency, providing visitors with opportunities to refresh their minds, body, and spirit.

What will Neom Trojena offer in Different Seasons?

Since Neom Trojena is present east of the Red Sea coastline, it is at least 10 degrees Celsius cooler than the rest of the region, making it the perfect climate for outdoor sports all year.

During the winter season, from December to March, Trojena will come alive with a diverse array of exciting events, which include sports competitions, exciting film festivals, and a fantastic fashion week. 

Neom City will ensure the Trojena guests thoroughly enjoy its beauty and technology. Following the winter season, Trojena will transition into an exciting adventure season, spanning from March to May.

During this period, visitors can expect an exciting lineup of events, including a triathlon, paragliding experiences, mountain biking competitions, and various other exciting activities. 

Trojena’s diverse seasonal offers guarantee that something is exciting and unique for every guest to enjoy throughout the year. 

It creates a sense of anticipation and enjoyment as guests engage themselves in the wide variety of experiences this magnificent place has to offer.

So get ready to experience technology and adventures like you’ve never before. Neom City is a project that will change the trajectory of tourism in KSA, and people are awaiting its completion.