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How to Set a Realistic Budget for an Apartment’s Rent in Riyadh

Travel and PlacesHow to Set a Realistic Budget for an Apartment's Rent in Riyadh

From paying the rent and security deposits to managing your house expenses, setting a budget for the rental cost of an apartment could be daunting. Yet, setting a budget before you start house hunting is the key to saving money effectively.

Especially if you are seeking residential apartments in Riyadh, then fixing a budget and sticking to it, no matter what is always advisable. Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, could be expensive. Even though it depends on lifestyle choices, some expenses can be overwhelming.

This is where preplanning and researching can help you find an apartment that fits your pocket. 

Are you house hunting for the first time, or does financial planning intimidate you? There is good news for you! There are ways to lower the accommodation cost to fit your budget without compromising your requirements. I wonder how that can be done. is a one-stop destination that can help you have an overview of the current market condition and make your budget accordingly.       

Read on to know! 

Wasalt: An Introduction 

Wasalt is an exclusive and first AI-powered real estate listing platform in Saudi Arabia. REGA verifies every listing available on the site. What sets Wasalt apart from other websites is that it uses, an Artificial Intelligence, to drive data insights and predict price trends.                     

The site also offers interactive maps that provide quick navigation between districts and cities. As a result, you can evaluate the proximity of various places like marketplaces, schools, hospitals, and others with your rented apartment with a simple mouse click.           

Making budget estimation easier than usual, the AI-driven platform predicts the return on investment prediction if you want to buy a property in Saudi. Additionally, Wasalt predicts property valuations and offers insights into the Saudi real estate market. 

This can help you understand how much rental cost you can expect in a particular area. Thus, setting an upper and lower cap for apartment rent in Riyadh becomes easy.    

Importance of Budgeting the Rental Cost of an Apartment

Whether you are looking for apartments in Riyadh, Jeddah, or any other city in Saudi, setting a budget for the rental cost is always advisable. The question that may arise is why it is so important. So, here’s the answer for the same.

  • Budgeting the cost of a rented flat can help attain financial stability. 
  • Tracking expenses may not help you attain the goal instantly, but it always helps cut unnecessary costs in the long run.
  • Since budgeting is usually done after analyzing the market trend and current pricing, the risk of fraud also decreases marginally.

Tips for Finding Budget-Friendly Apartments in Riyadh   

Discussed below are some of the tips and tricks for finding the best-rented apartments in Riyadh within your budget:

Budget must be Realistic: Setting a realistic budget is essential. For this, first, calculate the rent that you can afford. This must be determined based on your monthly income and expenses. As a thumb rule, ideally, a maximum of 30% must be spent on the rent.

Use our automated tool: Instead of wasting time on manual calculation, use our AI-powered platform to analyze and monitor market trends. Not just this, you can effortlessly view the real-time cost of rental apartments in Riyadh with the help of

Consider Lease Terms: The lease terms of rented apartments in Saudi Arabia may differ. Thus, being flexible about it is advisable.

Individual Expenses: It won’t be wrong to say that there is no fixed method for determining the budget. The budgeting system for rented apartments in Riyadh depends on your lifestyle, choices, preferences, and other factors.           

For instance, the rental cost will likely be higher if you seek a rented flat or apartment in Riyadh that is close to the city’s good schools. Similarly, residential areas that are posh and near the famous malls of Riyadh city are usually expensive. Additionally, the availability of healthcare facilities, metro connectivity, and other features trigger the rental cost of apartments in Riyadh and other cities. Hence, the budgeting must be done accordingly.


The cost of accommodation is inevitable and, if not considered wisely, can make or break the monthly budget. Hence, evaluate the details wisely and set a realistic budget while searching for a rented apartment in Riyadh.