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How Can Expats Access Healthcare in Saudi Arabia?

HealthHow Can Expats Access Healthcare in Saudi Arabia?

Did you know that Saudi Arabia spends 4.7% of its GDP on healthcare? The country has stood at 55th position in the 2019 Healthcare Index. Healthcare in Saudi Arabia is value-based, with an organized system in place. 

When people from outside settle down in Saudi Arabia, they often wonder about the healthcare system. Expats often struggle with healthcare budgets in Saudi Arabia if they do not know how the system works.

This article is a mini-guide for ex-pats to help them navigate through private and public healthcare services in operation. Let’s dig in.

Saudi Arabia’s healthcare is value-based, with private and public healthcare systems at par with each other, while 60% of health services are taken care of by the Ministry of Health.

While healthcare services are free for Saudi citizens even in the future, the government plans to privatize some of the public healthcare services. 

Access to healthcare in Saudi Arabia 

Natives and public workers: Saudi natives/citizens and public sector workers have direct access to the public healthcare system in Saudi Arabia.

Free healthcare services include hospital treatment, general physicians, dental treatment, and access to prescription medication.