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United Pharmacy: Your Guide to Quality Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

HealthUnited Pharmacy: Your Guide to Quality Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

Table of Contents

  1. Services Provided by United Pharmacy 
  2. United Pharmacy: Online Retail Store
  3. Customer Care
  4. Contact Information
  5. FAQ

United Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacies in Saudi Arabia. Started by Abdul Rahim Yassin with one store in Jeddah, it now has more than 200 branches across KSA.

Services Provided by United Pharmacy 

UPC is a well-known pharmacy for its quality services in the pharmaceutical industry. They offer a wide range of products, including products for:

  • Haircare 
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Baby and mom care 
  • Medications
  • Personal care 
  • Oral care 
  • Vitabiotics 
  • Medical equipment
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Renting Medical Supplies

Moreover, UPC gives customers the choice of renting medical supplies such as wheelchairs and crutches as well. You can also get a glucometer and nebulizer, among other medical equipment.

Home Healthcare Service

For healthcare services at your house, you can even request the assistance of qualified medical specialists. You can ask for a medical expert to visit your house and provide medical support through this home healthcare service. This service could be helpful for patients who cannot go to the hospital due to their extreme weakness or even conveyance issues.

United Pharmacy: Online Retail Store

Adding to the services, UPC has an online ordering system as well. It also offers exclusive online discounts with discounts of up to 50%. 

With free delivery all over Saudi Arabia for orders of over 100 SAR, you can get everything you need to manage your health. 

To order a product from their online store and have it delivered right to your door, you can visit their website.

Customer Care

The customer care service that United Pharmacy offers is what sets them apart. With customized customer care and trained, helpful staff, UPC excels at providing outstanding customer service.

From advising clients about their health issues and ensuring they receive the appropriate over-the-counter medication, their knowledgeable staff could also assist clients in making educated decisions.

UPC also makes it easy for patients to get the prescription drugs they need. They work closely with healthcare professionals, ensuring that the patient receives the proper dosage of the prescription prescribed. 

The level of professionalism and care towards their patients gives UPC an edge over other pharmacies. UPC also has pharmacists who are available to help patients with any queries they have regarding their medications.

In addition, UPC often conducts educational health-related campaigns. They also conduct workshops and seminars on health-related issues to increase awareness among the masses. These seminars are usually open for the public to attend. 

All in all, United Pharmacy offers the best medical supplies and services. Its dedication to delivering exceptional services, encouraging health-related awareness, having knowledgeable employees, and operating a successful online store makes it a standout pharmacy in Jeddah.

Contact Information

To reach out to United Pharmacy, you can use the following contact details:

Email Address: [email protected]

Contact Number: 8002444445


1)What are the requirements for dispensing insurance medication at United Pharmacy?

To obtain a refill of chronic disease medications, you’ll need approval from your insurance provider, your national identity or iqama, and a valid insurance card.
For standard medical prescriptions, please ensure you have the original prescription with the hospital’s stamp and your national identity or iqama.

2)Is it possible to make a return without a receipt or invoice?

To facilitate the return or exchange process, a payment receipt is necessary.

3)Whom should I reach out to If I encounter any issues with your purchase from United Pharmacy?

You have the option to reach out to our Customer Care Center by dialing 8002444445, or you can get in touch with us via email at [email protected].