Understanding the meaning of a Tooth-Falling Dream in the light of Islam

Tooth falling in dream
A tooth-falling dream is a common occurrence, and different aspects of the dream can mean different things. Here’s what a tooth-falling dream may mean.
  1. Decoding of tooth falling dreams by ibn Sireen
  2. Conclusion:

Decoding of tooth falling dreams by ibn Sireen

Good interpretations

  • Losing teeth shows that a person will get spiritual knowledge by spending money.
  • People can see that their teeth are pleasing and white. That can indicate that the person will get pleasure and contentment from his family members.
  • If one sees that his tooth fell on his hand or if he puts it in his pocket indicates that there will be a birth of a child or a sister or a brother.
  • If a person sees himself unable to find his lost teeth, it can therefore mean that he will have a longer life. 

Bad interpretations

  • A person can see that his teeth are falling without pain. It will represent that a person would bear long-term sickness or fruitless deeds of Islam.
  • Seeing the falling of teeth with pain indicates that a person will vigorously be parted from something in his house. 
  • To see a tooth unsteady or sloppy stipulates that one of his family members will fall ill.
  • Falling of front teeth without pain shows that a person will lose his property.
  • Falling of front teeth with pain stipulates that one will not be able to complete his task or work.
  • Seeing a tooth on its edge stipulates that some of his family members will betray the person.
  • Dreaming that your tooth will fall apart and you find yourself unable to eat properly can mean suffering from poverty.
  • If a person sees himself collecting his tooth or teeth, it means that he will never have a child or will no longer be able to give birth.
  • If a person sees himself unable to find his lost teeth, it can therefore mean that he will have a longer life or his family members will die before him. 
  • If a person sees the falling teeth of his upper jaw, this represents that the ones will face death shortly or reimbursement of one’s debt.
  • Watching the fall of lower teeth stipulates that one will suffer from pain, sorrow, and misery.
  • If a person suffers from a toothache, this shows that one’s family members are talking wrong about him on his back, or it indicates he will suffer unfair treatment by his family members.
  • Watching dirty teeth hint at dishonor and ill fame of family.
  • Seeing yellow or pale teeth shows that the person’s family is fragile.
  • If a person sees that he is cleaning his teeth, this indicates that person will spend money to reduce or end the family’s uneasiness.


Above mentioned dreams are some of the most important and frequently watched ones. Interpretations are provided by ibn Sireen, a massive name in the field of dreams and their explanation. 

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