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A 3-Year Ban Is Not Applicable On The Same Employer Visa in Saudi Arabia

Jawazat & MOIA 3-Year Ban Is Not Applicable On The Same Employer Visa in...

The ban period of 3 years for those who exited Saudi Arabia on Re-Entry does not apply for a visa from the same employer (Same employer visa).

Jawazat, The Saudi General Directorate of Passports, has clarified its instructions regarding the 3-year ban on entry into Saudi Arabia for persons who left the country on an Exit Re-Entry visa and did not return.

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Jawazat’s official Twitter handle received an inquiry from a follower inquiring:

“Can an ex-pat worker return after four years have passed? Knowing that he left Saudi Arabia on a re-entry visa and did not return. And now his iqama status is Absent From Work“?

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The Saudi Passports Department’s response clarified that the three-year ban for failing to return on an exit re-entry visa is not applicable to a visa from the same or current employer.

Jawazat also explained that the 3-year ban begins from the expiry date of the exit re-entry visa. Jawazat will calculate the 3-year ban according to the Hijri date.

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