Visa Exit-Entry Validity Check On The Muqeem Portal In KSA

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Looking to check the validity & detail of their exit/re-entry visas may do so by checking via the Muqeem online portal by following the steps

A Saudi Arabian Exit/re-entry Visa allows ex-pat residents. Who have a work visa to exit the country and re-enter for a limited period.

It will enable an ex-pat to leave the country and return within a stipulated time. Alternatively, this visa is also known as an Exit return visa.

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Those looking to check the validity and detail of their exit/re-entry visas may do so by checking via the Muqeem online portal.

Procedure to Check Exit Re-Entry visa status via Muqeem

You can easily verify the validity of an exit/re-entry visa through Muqeem’s portal by following these steps:

  1. Go to Muqeem’s website
  2. Input your Iqama number
  3. For cross-checking your Iqama number, select ‘date of birth.’  
  4. Select the ‘Check’ button

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Upon entering your selected details, your exit/re-entry visa details will appear as follows:

  • Status of visa (valid or expired)
  • visa type and number
  • Duration of visa
  • Date of visa issuance
  • return before date
  • Outside or inside Saudi Arabia

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Violation of Exit/Re-entry Visa:

Saudi Arabia’s Immigration Law has been tightened.

A new policy update in which foreign workers who leave Saudi Arabia with an exit and re-entry visa and don’t return within the visa validity period will face penalties.

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A three-year ban on entering Saudi Arabia will be imposed on them. It applies to foreign workers employed by Kafeel in KSA as sponsors.

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The sponsor can request an extension if dependents whose exit and re-entry visas expire outside KSA. 

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