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Verify Your Saudi Visa Validity Status Via the Muqeem Portal

Jawazat & MOIVerify Your Saudi Visa Validity Status Via the Muqeem Portal

Visas are a big part of traveling these days, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. With its massive influx of religious tourists each year, particularly around Ramzan and Hajj, the Saudi government has made it increasingly easy to check your visa’s validity now from the comfort of your home on the tip of your fingers. The Muqeem portal is your partner in navigating visa processing, validity, and renewal.

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For our readers’ easy reference, let’s discuss the types of Visas Saudi Arabia offers and their duration.

Visa Exit Re-Entry Status check via Muqeem Portal.

You can easily verify the validity of an exit/re-entry visa through Muqeem’s portal by following these steps:

  1. Go to Muqeem’s website.
  2. Input your Iqama number or Visa Number.
  3. For cross-checking your Iqama number, select ‘date of birth.’  
  4. Select the ‘Check’ button.
visa-exit-entry-validity-check-muqeem-portal-ksa-saudiscoop (2)
  • Status of visa (valid or expired)
  • Visa type and number
  • Duration of visa
  • Date of visa issuance
  • return before date
  • Outside or inside Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Immigration Law has been tightened.

A new policy update in which foreign workers who leave Saudi Arabia with an exit and re-entry visa and don’t return within the visa validity period will face penalties.

As of 2024, foreign workers who leave the country with this visa and don’t return on time no longer face a three-year entry ban. The ban applies to foreign workers employed by Kafeel in KSA as sponsors.

visa-exit-entry-validity-check-muqeem-portal-ksa-saudiscoop (3)

The sponsor can request an extension if dependents whose exit and re-entry visas expire outside KSA.

To use the Muqeem visa validity check service for your Saudi visa on the Muqeem platform, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Muqeem portal.
  • Enter your Iqama number or visa number.
  • Optionally, cross-check with date of birth, passport number, name, iqama expiry date, or visa expiry date.
  • Provide your chosen information and click ‘Check.’

Once you click the “Check” button, you’ll immediately access visa validity, type, issuance date, and additional details on the following page.

Please be aware that although Muqeem allows employers to issue final exit visas for expat workers, it doesn’t support final exit visa status checks.

To check your final exit visa status, utilize the Ministry of Labor’s portal or the Absher platform.

In conclusion, understanding Saudi Arabia’s visa system details is crucial for travelers. We hope this article is a helpful resource for all our readers. We regularly update our content to give our readers fresh information about every important matter.



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