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Banyan Tree AlUla: A Stunning New Desert Resort In Saudi Arabia

LifestyleBanyan Tree AlUla: A Stunning New Desert Resort In Saudi Arabia

AlUla has been a meeting point for historic civilizations for countless years. The much-anticipated Banyan Tree AlUla, the newest address in the historical area, was inspired by the region’s rich history and cultural significance.

With the stunning AlUla UNESCO World Heritage background.

This magnificent desert resort uses the setting as its core inspiration to create a stay where visitors can unwind and genuinely enjoy the surrounding natural beauty, complemented with five-star indulgences to make it truly unique.

We look around the property and give you the lowdown on Banyan Tree AlUla.

The location

Banyan Tree AlUla is in a tidy neighborhood in Ashar Valley, 45 minutes drive from AlUla Airport. The well-known wellness company from Thailand has given the current Ashar Resort a much-needed facelift.

It is also preserving its luxurious Bedouin aesthetic. Although taking scenic buggy rides from one side to the other is simple, the resort’s 300-hectare site necessitates a north and south side.

The large layout creates a sense of remoteness while emphasizing the size of these golden sands’ expanse. The spaciousness is immediately apparent.

Despite this comfortable sense of isolation, AlUla’s greatest assets are all relatively close. Hegra is a 15-minute away, and Maraya Hall is visible from the resort.

The look and feel

Although there were a few hiccups during the first week of operation, the service was excellent, thanks to the team’s friendly and sincere welcome.

Two restaurants, every guest house, and the welcome pavilions have an organic feel. The furnishings are manufactured and sourced locally. Something is intriguing to look at and enjoy around every corner.

The three guiding concepts of the resort’s construction—in-villa, in-vley, and en-voyage—enable visitors to take in the resort itself and the universe of wonders ahead in greater AlUla.

The in-villa experience ensures guests have access to all the pleasures of a five-star resort in their private spaces. The in-valley experience invites guests to use the resort’s many attractions.

The en-voyage component focuses on assisting visitors to fully immerse in the area and the local culture while simultaneously revealing new facets of AlUla’s rich legacy.

The rooms

The resort’s accommodations are all villas, ranging in size from a modest 77 square meters for a one-bedroom villa to a regal 240 square meters for a three-bedroom villa sleeping six people.

All villas share the same earthy color scheme of warm creams, terracotta, and sand indicative of the surroundings. They have floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of the undulating desert.