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Getting A Separation? Here’s How To Keep It Professional And Polite

Laws & RegulationsGetting A Separation? Here's How To Keep It Professional And Polite

At, we understand that challenges often prompt individuals to seek guidance and support.

Recently, one of our readers from Australia asked a question regarding the delicate separation process. Recognizing the importance of addressing diverse concerns within our community, our editorial team has compiled a comprehensive guide to navigating separation with professionalism and civility tailored specifically for our Australian readers. Drawing upon expert insights, we offer valuable advice to ensure a respectful and dignified resolution during this challenging time. However, we will also add rules and regulations of separation in Saudi Arabia.

Sometimes, things don’t work out. People meet, fall in love, get married, start a family, and then one day, they wake up with the cold realization that whatever love they once felt for each other is gone, and they need to move on. Unfortunately, doing so can be complicated, even when both parties agree!

A couple considering permanently parting ways should first engage the services of expert separation lawyers in Sydney who can help them navigate the complex course that leads to divorce. Take note that you are far from alone in all of this; over 30% of all Australian marriages end in divorce. You have to ensure yours doesn’t descend into a brawl that harms everyone involved, and good legal counsel can help.

All too often, the situation devolves into a shouting match, and the former couple takes on highly adversarial positions. This is not helpful to either side; it only serves to make the entire process much more difficult, as well as the emotional toll it takes on all involved, especially children who are traumatized by the startling realization that their once-loving parents now loathe each other.

To avoid that unhappy situation, the best advice for the separating couple is to change how they view their relationship. Suppose they can set aside their emotional grievances and treat each other as if their relationship was professional, like two business partners parting ways. In that case, it will be beneficial to them, as well as to their families. Here are some suggestions on how to take the vitriol out and treat each other respectfully:

  • Be courteous to each other, even if you are angry.
  • Refrain from criticizing each other, especially in front of the children and around other family, friends, co-workers, and social media.
  • Always answer text messages, phone calls, and emails from your estranged spouse, and do so politely and professionally.
  • It’s best to seek separate legal counsel, but be clear with them up front that both parties intend to cooperate and not make the issue adversarial whenever compromise is possible.
  • Demonstrate desirable conduct in front of each other and everyone else involved.
  • Don’t lie; be truthful with each other, and follow through on things you say you will do.
  • Be sure to provide the requested documentation promptly.
  • Don’t treat each other as if they are an enemy.
  • If the other side tries to start a fight, do not engage; walk away until they have cooled down and can be more professional.
  • You were once a team, and you still can be for a time as you work together to make your separation successful.

If you are considering a separation and possibly a divorce, check the Australian Government’s Family Relationships Online webpages for more information. Just remember, you loved each other once; don’t let hatred grow from what used to be something extraordinary, part ways with grace and understanding, if not for you, then for your children. We wish you all the very best!


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