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How to Resign and Terminate Qiwa Contract the Right Way

Jawazat & MOIHow to Resign and Terminate Qiwa Contract the Right Way

Time marches on, and life doesn’t always remain the same. Leaving a job or contract can be tough, but this is also a milestone in your career. Before you move on to bigger and better things, however, it’s important to know how to resign and terminate Qiwa’s contract in the best way. 

Why is Qiwa Contract Important 

Handing in your resignation isn’t the only step. To safeguard yourself, resigning and terming the contract in Qiwa right away is best. This will give you the following advantages: 

  • A better standing if there’s a legal case
  • The employer can’t be unfair; they are obliged to start the Qiwa Employee Transfer
  • The government recognizes the start of your notice period

How to Resign and Terminate Qiwa Contract

Here are the steps to follow when it’s time to terminate your contract:

1. Log into the relevant Qiwa Individual Account

This requires your iqama number and password. 

2. Go to Contracts 

Then, click on the options tablet (marked with three horizontal bars). Select ‘Services,’ then choose the ‘Employment Contracts’ section.
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3. Open the Relevant Contract

Click on ‘View’ for the Contract you want to terminate.
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4. Start the Termination Process

Select ‘Terminate contract’ from the top of the page.
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5. Give the Reason

You will then get a menu for the reasons for terminating the Qiwa contract. These may include: 

  • Resignation
  • Unwillingness to renew the contract under Labor Article 74
  • Termination of the contract under the probationary period under Article 48
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The options may vary based on the nature of your contract and the terms of your employment. You may also have to choose a last working day. If so, make sure that the selection respects the current notice period policy in Saudi Arabia. You may also request a shorter notice period from your employer during this step.  

6. Confirm the Termination

Once you select the reason and confirm that you want to terminate the contract, the system will initiate the termination process and notice period.
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What Happens Next?

Your employer will get a notification after the contract termination process is completed in Qiwa. Any requests for a shorter notice period might be accepted or rejected at this point.

 Your contract will then be terminated on the approved date. If you are currently on probation, the contract will be terminated immediately.