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Public Prosecution Details Child’s Rights During Play

Laws & RegulationsPublic Prosecution Details Child's Rights During Play

Riyadh — The Public Prosecution explained children’s rights when engaged in recreational activities.

The Public Prosecution affirmed that Article 13 of the Child Protection Law prohibits children from participating in recreational activities that endanger their safety or health.

The public prosecution said the games in recreational activities should be appropriate to the child’s age and abilities.

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It stressed that according to the executive regulations of the child protection system, it is necessary to provide safety belts for swing seats and other games when needed to prevent children from falling from them.

Guiding lines must be installed in recreational centers next to each game, indicating the age limit for participation. The guideline must specify the number of users at one time and any other necessary information.

In addition, whenever possible, it is also a must to add an explanation on the guiding panel about the mode of playing and the existing safety features.

The Public Prosecution said that safety accessories should support children’s toys. Such as training wheels on bicycles, helmets, and knee and elbow pads.

The Public Prosecution warned against renting bicycles for children’s use. It confirmed that it is not permissible for bike renters to rent to children under 12 years old.

If the bikes cause damage to others or to the child himself, the renters will be held responsible for the accident.

It is also not permissible for children under 12 to ride bicycles on the public road. If the bikes cause damage to others and the child himself, the child’s parents or guardians will be held responsible for the accident.

The Public Prosecution confirmed that it investigates Child Protection Law violations of rights. And the filing of such cases in front of the competent court.

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