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Higher Threshold For The Big Data Industry

TechHigher Threshold For The Big Data Industry

As we all know, big data has four characteristics: large quantity, diversity, high speed, and value, and its value has been paid more and more attention in the industry. Big data with four characteristics will produce some unexpected chemical reactions.

In the process of human learning, most of the ways of thinking are linear. At the same time, big data and cloud computing provide a non-linear way of thinking, which can combine different insights and irrelevant things into a valuable decision.

Big data technology makes seemingly worthless idle data valuable, and data has become a resource like oil. But unlike other industries, the big data industry has a higher threshold. There are two reasons:

On the one hand, big data needs to make invisible and disorderly data truly visible, requiring a high degree of scientific and technological reserves. On the other hand, technology is relatively mature for different industries and only needs to be industrialized.

The big data industry is not an industry with mature technology, and even the scientific foundation has yet to be formed. However, technology changes so fast that basic research, technical research, and industrialization must be integrated. Therefore, to develop the big data industry, we must effectively combine industry, education, and research.

It is reported that the big data industry has an industrial chain from data to value, covering four major parts:

1、 Data acquisition and management

2、 Data storage and processing

3、 Data analysis and understanding

4、 Combining big data applications in specific fields

High multidisciplinary comprehensiveness is characteristic of significant data research. For example, data acquisition and management involve disciplines such as management, physics, electronics, and information.

Data storage and processing involve computer science, data analysis, and understanding; data mathematics and statistics and extensive data application are related to relevant disciplines in all walks of life.

So, does China’s technology research lag behind foreign countries for big data with a high industrial threshold and multidisciplinary comprehensiveness?

Any scientific research is not fragmented. The so-called big data scientific research continues in the past fields of statistics, computational mathematics, artificial intelligence, data mining, etc. China’s research and international research should be on the same running line, and the development should be synchronous.

China has two advantages in developing the big data industry:

First, China has institutional advantages and can concentrate on doing big things. Their government has solid executive power, which is very important for the big data industry.

For example, it is necessary to break the industry monopoly regarding data sharing. However, the government’s determination plays a key role.

Second, the material foundation of big data is based on the Internet. Since China is the world leader in the application of Internet technology. We need to treat big data rationally because of the high threshold of the big data industry.

The data industry contains excellent opportunities. We need to choose our goals carefully, choose the right direction, have technical reserves, and solve the problem of talent training.