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The New Tesla Model Pi Smartphone

TechThe New Tesla Model Pi Smartphone

For more than a decade, Tesla has been a giant motor corporation, producing electric cars and working as a clean energy corporation. It has become a hub for innovation in the industry.

The new ideas that keep popping up from the company never cease to amaze us. The most recent news of Tesla entering the smartphone business has caused a whirlwind among its fans. With its addition to the market, it’s interesting to see how it would measure up against the best mobile phones in the market.

According to the circulating rumors in the tech community, Tesla will be launching a new ‘Model Pi’ smartphone. The speculations about it are at an all-time high.

In early 2021, designer Antonio De Rose and his ADR Studio Design lab released a mockup of what a Tesla phone might look like. These weren’t just concept images, either – ADR released an entire concept video about it. The video shows what a Tesla smartphone, called the Model Pi or Model P, could be.

The questions about this phone’s features, price, and release date are popping up everywhere on the internet. So, let’s delve into all we know about this outclass phone. If you feel like this new technology might not be something fit for your pocket, do not be afraid to dive into the most affordable smartphones available.

The Launch

The reports are that this new tech beast will be launched “later this year 2022”. It is unclear when, but the tech rumor mill has started spinning.

The features

The concept images released by ADR show a phone that looks somewhat like an iPhone but with a Tesla logo.

According to the rumors, the phone will have:

  • A Quad camera,
  • solar charging,
  • chameleon-like skin
  • Starlink satellite connectivity
  • Can mine Marscoin cryptocurrency.
  • Neuralink technologies for neurologically disabled individuals.

These features are from the areas that Elon Musk and his companies work on, but one smartphone with all these miraculous features seems like a fantasy.

To sum it up, there is no concrete information about the Tesla model Pi smartphone yet. The questions about this new phone working on Mars (if we ever make it there) or it being a true-to-form satellite phone, among many others, are still unanswered. But we and all other Tesla fans are waiting for any updates about this futuristic technology.