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From Scorching Summers to Crisp Winters: Decoding Riyadh’s Weather

Travel and PlacesFrom Scorching Summers to Crisp Winters: Decoding Riyadh's Weather

The capital of Saudi Arabia is known for its boiling-hot summers. However, the winters here are short and mild. If you’re currently living in Riyadh or plan to visit soon, it’s essential to know about the weather in Riyadh. Check out the details below and prepare accordingly.

General Climate

Riyadh has a hot desert climate, with the average high temperature in August reaching 49.8 Celsius or 21.6 Fahrenheit. These temperatures could be even higher if Riyadh were not located on an elevation. 

Navigating Winter in Riyadh

Riyadh has a relatively pleasant wintertime, at least during the day. Since this is a desert city, there is a marked difference between temperatures during the day and the night. 

You may only need to bring a few winter clothes when visiting Riyadh, even during the coldest months (January and February). However, do bring enough to get you through the possibly chilly nights.  

Does It Rain in Riyadh

Riyadh weather includes very little precipitation, especially in the summer months. 

March and April receive some rain, with the highest record being 28mm in April so far. 

There’s also a chance of dust storms in Riyadh, some of which are so severe that visibility falls under 10 meters (33 feet). These storms have also sometimes caused the suspension of school classes and international plus domestic flights. 

Start of Seasons

Spring usually starts in February or March. 

Winters are mostly short, with the temperatures slightly falling in October and reaching their lowest in January. 

Autumn is similar to spring and can last from mid-September to mid-October. 

Summer is the longest and most extreme of seasons in Riyadh. It can start as early as May, with July and August reaching the highest average temperatures. 


What are the lowest and highest temperatures ever experienced in Riyadh? 

On record, the coldest lowest temperature reached in Riyadh was -6 degrees Celsius. 

What is the highest temperature ever reached in Riyadh? 

In 2022, Riyadh’s temperature hit a record high of 55 Celsius. 

Which are the coldest and hottest months in Riyadh?

January is the coldest month in Riyadh, while August is the warmest.