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Coldest Places to Visit in Winters in Saudi Arabia(Updated 2024)

LifestyleColdest Places to Visit in Winters in Saudi Arabia(Updated 2024)

Saudi Arabia is a desert country in Southwest Asia. The Persian Gulf borders the peninsula to the east, and the Red Sea is to the west.

Therefore, it is never associated with winter, snow, or snow-covered mountains. It is blessed with regions that experience winter in its harshest form.

Although these winter cities are few in numbers and small in scale when compared to the real winter towns of Europe and the U.S.

These cities offer all the fun and sights as compared to anywhere else in the world.

The climate in Saudi Arabia

Scorching days, cold nights, and low annual rainfall characterize Saudi Arabia’s desert climate.

The average daytime summer temperature hovers around 45 degrees, with 55 degrees seen in certain areas.

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Winter in its real form is seen during December and January, and peak summers during June and July.

Coldest Winter Places to Experience in Saudi Arabia

The dry, hot desert of Saudi Arabia relieves any expectations of there being a city, let alone cities where one could find the winter experience. After some investigation, this impression is incorrect.

The Kingdom owns at least eight small yet important towns and cities where people come to enjoy and experience winter within the Kingdom.

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Some of these places may, in a particular year, even experience sub-zero temperatures and snowfall.

If you are the sort of person who enjoys winter, then these are the places you should target for a winter visit this year.


Turaif is the coldest winter place in Saudi Arabia at the Kingdom’s northern border near Jordan.

Turaif has a record of its lowest temperature at -12 degrees Celsius, making it the coldest place in winter on the Arabian peninsula.


Sakaka, too, is in the north of the country and is the capital of Al Jawf territory. The winters are cold and harsh here.

The surprise that the city of Sakaka gives its visitors is its lack of tall mountains, a usual trait expected in a town with freezing winters in this region.


Abha is quite famous and a popular tourist destination in Saudi Arabia.

Also, the ex-pats and locals living in the hot climates regularly visit this city, which is set amid Saraswat mountains and is located at an altitude of 2270 meters.

A visit to Abha is never complete without visiting the neighboring city of Al-Sooda.

Al-Sooda is a 30-minute drive from Abha airport. It is located in the Sirwat mountains at 3,000 meters above sea level.

The natural forests of Araar trees cover the mountains around this picturesque city and are home to one of the region’s largest national parks.

The highlight of a visit to Al-Sooda is the 7-km long cable car ride from the Sirwat mountains to the Tahama village, during which one can enjoy the peace and nature.


This northern city often experiences snowfall and is located on the border of Iraq. After a snowfall, Rafha is quite like a western winter destination. Witnessed heavy snowfall and temperatures close to zero degrees Celsius in winter.

Ex-pats and locals enjoy the winter experience locally rather than face the hassles of international travel.


Riyadh may appear as a surprise to those who have experienced its harsh summer.

Known for chilly winters with temperatures falling to zero degrees Celsius for 1 or 2 nights, although recent years have seen milder winters, possibly due to global warming


If you love snowfall, Tabuk is one of the coldest winter places you should go. It is a city where snowfall occurs, with temperatures recorded as low as -4 degrees Celsius, making it one of the coldest places in Saudi Arabia.