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Saudi Arabia’s National Football team is a cut above the rest

SportsSaudi Arabia’s National Football team is a cut above the rest

The Green Falcons are again in form after their massive win(5-0) against Palestine on 30th March. This win took their game ahead in the 2nd Round of qualifying matches for the 2022 FIFA World Cup(to be held in Qatar) and the 2023 AFC Asian Cup(to be held in Kuala Lumpur).

Now, three more matches are in line, which will be concluded by 15th June. If they get past Round 2 and reach Round 3, they will automatically qualify for the AFC Asian Cup. If everything goes well in upcoming matches, they’ll have a chance to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. With a track record of preparing for FIFA in 1994,1998,2002,2006, and 2018, it won’t be a tough row to hoe for them this time too.

The legacy of Saudi Arabia’s national football team 

Look at the legacy of one of Asia’s most successful national football teams. Saudi Arabia’s national football team is no longer out of sight for the world, especially after winning three Asian Cups in 1984,88 and 96.

The team also became the first AFC nation to win the first three consecutive seasons of the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1992,95, and 97; the last Confederation Cup occurred in 2017. FIFA has replaced its slot with other FIFA events. Adding to the achievements, as of February 2021, Saudi Arabia placed 67th on the FIFA World Best Teams ranking.

 Before 1951, many clubs like Al-Wehda, Al-Ahli, Al-Ittihad, Al-Hilal, etc., played friendly games and in-house league matches. Still, in June 1951, the Prince of Saudi organized a series of three close games against the Egyptian Ministry of Health, which consisted of players from the clubs mentioned above.

By then, the Saudi XI team had become a national team, and the idea to further improvise the team came into action. After rigorous training of a few selected ones from these clubs, an official National Football team was finally formed in 1953. After that, the team went on to various cordial and beneficial games abroad. From then on, it has been on. 

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Games for the spirit?

Many of those games were just for the spirit of the sport. Still, many games have paved the way for alliances and meaningful relations between two countries like Qatar, Indonesia, and China. This happened at a time when many games further deteriorated the already plighted relations.

For instance, who can forget the famous Iran–Saudi Arabia football rivalry, which arose out of religious sectarianism, or the Iraq–Saudi Arabia football rivalry, which occurred due to the invasion of Iraq on Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. Whatever happened with the sport, football undoubtedly became the nation’s beloved sport, with many people still rubbing and breathing this beautiful game into them.

Greatest players in history 

Football itself produced the best players in the country. The great players of their times, like Saeed Al-Owairan and Sami Al-Jaber, helped the team beat both Belgium and Morocco before falling to Sweden in the Round of 16 in the World Cup of 1994, the captain-ship of the great Majed Abdullah(who was Messi of his time).

This further added to the list of achievements. They became the second Arab nation to reach the Round of 16 in a World Cup. It was only attained by Morocco, the best Arab team of its time. 

A brand new breed of football talent

New talents like Salem Al-Dawsari, Fahad Al-Muwallad, and dozens more under the mentorship of famous coach Hervé Renard are also carrying the legacy forward.

These days, the nation keeps an eye on them as they will be the future of the Saudi Arabia National Football Team. They will influence and inspire upcoming youths of the country and world. 

All they have to do is to keep the thrill on for this emotion named football.