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How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Top Ten Affiliates In 2023

BusinessHow To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing - Top Ten Affiliates...

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To make money online with affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the easiest and most flexible ways to earn online. Set up your schedule, take a break as you need, take a breather from the clutches of hustle culture, and make more than you ever did in your nine-to-five. Sounds pretty appealing, right? 

Let’s go through what it is for an introduction to affiliate marketing. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing, put, is digital referral marketing. An affiliate program offers influencers, bloggers, and anyone with an online presence the chance to make money by promoting their products. In return, the one promoting receives a commission based on the percentage of sales they helped achieve.

As you promote more products and boost sales, this commission percentage also increases, making this one of the easiest, cost-free, and lucrative business opportunities for anyone looking for a break from the constant grind. 

Now that we’re acquainted with affiliate marketing, let’s talk about the best platforms to start your business. 

Amazon Associates 

Easily one of the most popular affiliate programs, Amazon Associates is one of the most user-friendly and promising affiliate programs. With its easy operation, it is easily the best program.

With thousands of products across various niches, you can easily pick which products to promote depending on your audience and content type.

However, the pay is slightly lower than expected, and the strict code of conduct poses some trouble for users.

Despite the low income, it’s a good stepping stone for a newcomer, allowing you to develop your content and get used to the program before moving on. 

Commission Junction 

Commission Junction, or CJ, is one of the oldest affiliate programs on the internet, having been in business for over 20 years.

It boasts various brands you can partner with, each with its rates for commissions and requirements. It’s one of the most productive and effective programs; however, it might confuse newcomers with the variety of tools it offers. 


Clickbank is one of the most well-paying affiliate platforms, offering as much as 90% commissions on the sales you generate.

Without waiting for brand approval, you can start immediately and get instant access to all marketing tools, such as brand logos, affiliate links, etc., making your job incredibly easy.

Its brilliant features offer you complete ease of access and much more money than other platforms. 


A newcomer into the affiliate world but no less effective. Awin is quickly gaining traction for its variety of products and ease of access. Its streamlined, intuitive design allows newcomers to navigate it with complete ease.

It has all the necessary tools they may need without struggling to figure out what does what. Due to its newer design, some features are unique to Awin and incredibly helpful. For example, the Chrome extension allows you to generate affiliate links at any point instantly. 

Viglink is easily the most advanced and intuitive platform, reducing most of your workload. With inbuilt trend explorers, an excellent product directory, and automatic reports on the latest events. VigLink allows you to delve deeper than ever into affiliate marketing, making your work the best.

You don’t have to manually insert links into your content with the automatic link creation. The tool searches your site for names, locations, and keywords, inserting instant monetized links where appropriate. 

Rakuten Advertising 

They are designed to be the next step in your journey. Rakuten offers a comprehensive and assisted journey into affiliate marketing. Once you know how it works and have a somewhat established presence.

The platform provides you with your account manager and 24/7 support for any problems you might have. With a massive variety of brands you can connect with. Rakuten helps foster connections and boosts performance by offering a competitive commission based on generated sales. 


Do you have a well-established presence in a particular niche? Flexoffers might be the affiliate program for you. With over 12,000 affiliate programs, you can easily find your desired place and generate income immediately.

However, this is more suited for experienced publishers with high monthly traffic to get brand approval. The commission rate is pretty standard for the industry. Besides the niches, there’s not much the program offers that’s unique. 


Are you looking just to get started? Impact might be the one for you. Below are some salient takeaways from Impact.

  • With the most effortless sign-up process
  • Generous brands accept partnerships instantly.
  • A wide array of tutorial articles.
  • A most straightforward platform for beginners to kick off with.
  • Easy to read, and essential metrics are generated per user request.
  • It offers enough insight to be helpful without overwhelming you and helps you read the reports.

Overall, if you’re feeling too daunted by the prospect of affiliate marketing, start with Impact to ease yourself into it. 


ShareASale is part of the Awin network. It offers many of the same benefits—seamless interface integration options and a sign-up process that is almost criminally simple.

With competitive commissions, on-time payments, and constantly available support. This platform is for everyone looking to start small and get used to the whole process. 

Immensely popular with beginners, Skimlinks is one of the most accessible programs to sign up with, and it has a wide variety of programs that allow you to be as nitpicky as necessary when choosing your partner brands.

However, Skimlinks plays dirty, especially considering it’s for beginners, charging 25% of your commission as fees and not paying on time. Despite the advantages, the popularity is a bit surprising, considering the biggest downfalls of the program are so significant.