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Three Steps, and Start a New Business in Saudi Arabia

BusinessThree Steps, and Start a New Business in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh — In a new service partnering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Saudi Ministry of Investment has launched a new service facilitating the establishment and start of a business from outside the Kingdom in three steps.

The new step comes from the integration and partnership of government agencies to address the challenges facing investors and improve the investment environment within the Kingdom.

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Under the new service, new investors will only require three steps to authenticate the agency and attestation of the establishment contract, beginning with a visit to the website of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and applying for “adding a request for attestation of a contract” at the Kingdom’s missions abroad.

The second step necessitates the investors visit the electronic services portal on the Ministry of Investment website to apply for the license issuance. The final stage requires the investor to visit the Ministry of Commerce website to authenticate the establishment contract of the business and issue the commercial register.

The new service will help investors overcome the obstacles they faced in the past, including the need for companies to visit the Kingdom to document incorporation contracts.


  1. The article is interesting but need more information on how to apply. Can you please guide me.

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