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MHRSD Allows Citizens and Residents to Obtain Permits to Work at The Holy Sites During Hajj

Jawazat & MOIMHRSD Allows Citizens and Residents to Obtain Permits to Work at The...

Riyadh— The MHRSD announced permits for citizens and residents who wish to work at the Holy Site during the Hajj season. They can do so by obtaining a work permit from Ajeer Al-Hajj via the Ajeer platform.

This permission will cover the Hajj service establishment’s workforce needs during the Hajj season.

The “Ajeer” service will allow establishments operating during the Hajj season to issue “Ajeer Al-Hajj” permits. During Hajj, the companies can hire citizens and residents as temporary workers at the Holy Sites.

The MHRSD detailed the working of its “virtual labor market” Ajeer platform. It said the platform allows companies authorized to work during the Hajj season to display their vacant job opportunities.

The Ajeer platform also enables a job seeker to check the opportunities easily and quickly. The establishments offer them during the season and apply for suitable job opportunities.

The Ajeer platform, operated by the MHRSD, is praiseworthy for contributing to raising the efficiency of the labor market.

It benefits and facilitates the existing workforce within Saudi Arabia. And is an effective alternative to external recruitment.

The platform also improves the flexibility and mobility of the workforce in Saudi Arabia. , It coordinates and regulates temporary work.

Facilitates access to the available workforce to cover the market needs. The platform has contributed to raising the productivity and effectiveness of the labor pool in the market.

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