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MHRSD Updates Its Job Transfer Bylaw For Foreign Workers’ Change of Companies

Jawazat & MOIMHRSD Updates Its Job Transfer Bylaw For Foreign Workers' Change of Companies

Riyadh — The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has updated the job transfer bylaw on its Qiwa platform. This bylaw applies to foreign workers changing jobs from one company to another.

The updated law is part of developing the ministry’s policies and services to complement its labor market strategy, increase MHRSD’s efficiency, and protect labor rights.

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Updating the bylaw permits workers to move from one employer to another without transferring the unpaid financial dues from the previous employer before the transfer.

The amended bylaw requires the new employer to pay all monetary amounts starting from the date of the worker’s transfer.

This amendment favors both parties by stopping the accumulation of unpaid dues by the current employer.

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This amendment safeguards the new employer, too. He does not incur any burden of debts for previous periods during which he did not avail of the worker’s services.

This bylaw amendment will improve workers’ efficiency and progress and increase the flexibility of job transfer among facilities, creating an attractive labor market.

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The ministry has established the Qiwa platform to enable the labor sector to access all its services through a single access point.

It aims to create a comprehensive and competitive labor market that realizes the strategic goals of the labor market.

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