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Registering With The Saudi Council Of Engineers As A Technician 

Jawazat & MOIRegistering With The Saudi Council Of Engineers As A Technician 

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) is a regulatory body in KSA responsible for promoting and developing the Engineering profession.

Therefore, all engineers and technicians working in KSA need to be registered with SCE to practice their profession.

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Documents required for Saudi Council Of Engineers registration:

  • Applicant Photographs.
  • Iqama Photocopies (Scanned)
  • Passport Copies (Scanned)
  • Saudi Council of Engineers Authorization letter.
  • A duly Attested letter of introduction from the Chamber of Commerce of KSA.
  • A duly attested degree or diploma from Saudia Embassy.
  • Marksheet or transcript of your education.

Saudi Engineers Council Fees – SCE Fee

Saudi Council Of Engineers Registration for technicians with diplomas:

  • To register as a technician by SCE, you first need to create an account on the SCE portal.
registering-saudi-council-engineers-sce-technician-saudiscoop (1)
  • Afterward, you must enter details like your name, email, iqama or border number, nationality, password, language of choice, mobile number, and membership classification (engineer/technician).
registering-saudi-council-engineers-sce-technician-saudiscoop (2)
  • The system now sends an activation email to the email address you provided. Activate your account and then log in to the SCE portal.

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  • After logging in, you must provide information like your Iqama number, profession, expiration date, and passport number.
registering-saudi-council-engineers-sce-technician-saudiscoop (3)
  • The system will process this information and generate your and your employer’s name from the system.
  • After this, the system will ask you to enter more information like your country and date of birth, the country, and city of residence. You also need to upload your picture here.
registering-saudi-council-engineers-sce-technician-saudiscoop (11)
  • The system asks you to select the membership duration in the next step.
registering-saudi-council-engineers-sce-technician-saudiscoop (8)