How to register or renew with Saudi Engineering Council?

register in sec
Engineers who come to Saudi Arabia must register with Saudi Engineering Council. This safeguards their interests and work here.

Being one of the largest Arab countries, it is only fitting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a population to match. As of 2020, Saudi Arabia had approximately 34.8 people, out of which 11.7 million were foreigners.

Out of the 13.8 million employed people in the country, only 3 million are locals, meaning that over 78% of the KSA’s working population are foreigners.

With such a high percentage of foreigners in its population, the KSA has very well-defined rules for expatriates and their careers in the KSA. Today, we look at these rules for engineers who come to the KSA to work.

If you are an engineer or a technician who has come to the KSA to work. You need to register with Saudi Engineering Council. It is absolutely mandatory that all your documents are legal and that the profession on your Iqama matches your actual job. 


1.  Photograph – You need to have a formal photograph of yourself with a white background.

2.  A scanned copy of your Iqama – This is an essential document for SCE registration. 

3.  A scanned copy of your passport 

4.  Attested degree – You need your degree from the university you graduated from, irrespective of the country. Your degree then has to be attested by the Saudi Embassy. 

5.  Letter of Authorization – You need a Letter of Authorization from the Saudi Council of Engineers, which you can download from the SCE website. 

6.  Letter of Introduction – You need a Letter of Introduction from your employer which mentions your name, date of joining, gross salary, etc. This Letter then has to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce. 

7.  Academic transcripts and mark sheets

It is advised that you have multiple copies of each document. 


Now we take a look at all the steps involved in registering yourself for the SCE.

STEP 1 – Scan all the documents mentioned above after they have been attested by the right authorities. Scan both sides of the papers which have them. 

STEP 2 – Sign up on the SCE website after you have all your documents in order. Make sure to be cautious about your credentials. If you are already registered onto the website, log in using your credentials. 

STEP 3 – Upload all your scanned documents with the utmost care.

STEP 4 – Pay the required fee through Sadad. After the documents have been uploaded, you will have to pay 500 SAR through Sadad.

You will receive a Sadad reference number in your email or through SMS. You can pay online.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an SMS to pay 750 SAR that you have to pay the same way. 

STEP 5 – After the fee payment, you will get a temporary membership at SCE. Before complete approval, your application has to be verified by authorities such as Jawazat. 

STEP 6 – You then have to provide all this information to your Mandoob (HR or the Government Relations Officer of your company).

After this, you will receive another message to update your Jawazat. Log into your account and click on ‘Update Jawazat’. 

STEP 7 – You will then get another SMS to pay 100 SAR through Sadad again. 


STEP 1 – Log into your SCE account and click on the ‘Renew Membership’ tab. Then, select the number of years you want to renew your membership for.

It costs 250 SAR for a year. 250 is then multiplied with your preferred number of years to determine your renewal fee. 

STEP 2 – You will then receive an SMS for payment through Sadad. 

After the payment, you’re all done! We hope this article helps you or anyone you know who needs to register with Saudi Engineering Council / renew their membership. 

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