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Worker’s Consent Not Required For Change of 8 Professions

Jawazat & MOIWorker's Consent Not Required For Change of 8 Professions

The MHRSD’s Qiwa platform has canceled the requirement to obtain foreign workers’ consent to change their profession in their iqama.

This change applies to eight professions recently included in the Qiwa platform. These professions are

  1. doctor,
  2. expert,
  3. specialist,
  4. engineer,
  5. specialized expert,
  6. monitoring technician,
  7. worker, and
  8. ordinary worker

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Previously, the worker’s approval was required when changing his profession. The change is considered a ‘correction’ of occupations. These professions will be allowed to be corrected only once without a fee.

The change of occupation is limited to the Qiwa platform for the workers of companies/establishments only. The platform is not concerned with individuals.

The company/establishment will be obliged to give details of the specializations of the doctor, specialist, engineer, specialized expert, and monitoring technician.

There will be 67 alternative professions for each worker and the ordinary worker professions.

Last year, the MHRSD announced employment contracts for expatriate workers in the private sector could be accessed and updated via the Qiwa platform.

Business owners are urged to use the streamlined process to help attract the best talent and reduce labor disputes.

There are more than 85 services provided through Qiwa platform. One of its most significant benefits is that it enables expatriate workers to shift from one job to another at the end of their current contract without needing their existing employer’s approval.

Effective May 12 this year, the ministry confirmed that employee work contracts are being approved and documented on the Qiwa platform only.

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MHRSD has transferred all employees’ contracts to the Qiwa platform, which is in cooperation with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

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