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GOSI Online Registration

Jawazat & MOIGOSI Online Registration

GOSI stands for The General Organization for Social Insurance. It is a Saudi Arabian government agency that provides social insurance services. Founded in 1969, it offers online e-payment and SMS services. All Saudis need to register for GOSI. Previously, private employers could refuse to register ex-pats for GOSI. However, as per the new scheme, expatriates can enroll without any say from their employers.

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How To Register For GOSI?

Registering with GOSI can help you in several ways. It can assist you in tracking all the contributions deposits your employer makes. It also allows you to print your GOSI salary certificate.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the GOSI website
  2. Select the beneficiary type. It will give you three options to choose from: contributor, establishment, or hospital.
  3. Then, click on “Register.”
  4. Then, fill in the required data, which would include your

           a) Iqama number

           b) Phone number

           c) Password

           d) Email address

       4. Click on the “Proceed” button. You will then be sent a verification code on your mobile number.

       5. Lastly, enter the code you have received on the next page. This will complete your online registration with GOSI.

How Much Does GOSI Take From Your Salary?

GOSI percentage is  

  • the amount deducted from the wages of Saudi workers and 
  • the amount that is payable by the employer.

The contribution GOSI takes is fixed at 18% of your contributory salary. However, the employer has to pay 9% of it, while the contributor pays the other 9% to GOSI. 


Checking your GOSI Salary History

Additionally, you can check the salaries upon which your employer makes contributions. You can do this by

  1. Clicking on “Contribution History” 
  2. Selecting “Job Titles And Wages”
  3. Your salary history will appear
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However, the contributions are based only on your basic salary and housing allowance. Therefore, you will only find a history of these components of your salary in your GOSI account.

How to Update Your Salary in GOSI?

As a contributor, you can update your wages on your GOSI account.

To update your salaries,

  1. Firstly, log in to GOSI online
  2. Enter the year according to the establishment’s calendar
  3. Then select your nationality
  4. Enter your wage
  5. Click on the update wages option

GOSI Salary Certificate

You might need your GOSI sal