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Prophet’s Mosque; Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah visit Time Announced

Jawazat & MOIProphet's Mosque; Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah visit Time Announced

Madinah — The Prophet’s Mosque affairs agency in Madinah has revealed the determined visit times to pray in Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah.

The agency has again allowed prayers in the Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah after suspending it briefly from the end of Ramadan until the beginning of Shawwal. It said that the visiting times for prayer at Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah would include several periods.

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For Men

The agency said that it would be through two periods for men who wish to visit and perform prayer in the Prophet’s Mosque Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah.

  • The first one will be from midnight to the Fajr (dawn) prayer
  • The second one will be from the Dhuhr (noon) prayers until the Isha (evening) prayer.

For Women

Women’s prayer in the Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah is also divided into two periods.

  • The first period after Fajr (dawn) till Dhuhr (noon)
  • The second from after Isha (evening) until midnight.

The agency has reminded worshipers that visiting and praying at the Prophet’s Mosque, The Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah, requires a permit and pre-booking through Eatmarna or Tawakkalna applications.

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