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Neom Airlines: A flight into the future

LifestyleNeom Airlines: A flight into the future

Under Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia is reimagining our world as we know it.

Muhammad Bin Salman announced the plan for Neom City in October 2017. A futuristic development plan comprising four gigantic cities – Sindalah, Trojena, Oxagon, and the LINE – serves as a model for future Urban development. 

Neom City always felt like something in the distant future. Not anymore! Neom City has announced its Airline, Neom Airlines. Neom Airlines aims to revolutionize air travel by providing its passengers with technologically advanced, state-of-the-art, and comfortable maximizing air travel. The Future is Neom.

When will Neom Airlines be Operational

Neom Airlines will be operational for local and foreign passengers by the end of 2024. 

Flights will initially start from the Neom Bay Airport. Neom Bay Airport is an already operational facility in the soon-to-be-built $500 billion Neom City. The airport currently operates local flights and some flights to Dubai and London

However, Neom Bay Airport will not be the central operational hub for Neom Airlines. The Airline has planned to move its operations to the recently constructed Neom International Airport. Neom International is supposed to be the heart of the Neom City, pumping people in and out. 

How is NEOM Airlines Different

At the start of its operations by the end of 2024, Neom Airlines plans on using existing aircraft with existing technology to meet the rising demand of the Neom City.

However, change will come swiftly by 2026. Neom Airlines has announced an investment in top-of-the-line aircraft by 2026. 

The Officials at the Airline have reported that Neom plans on using “electric, hydrogen-powered or supersonic planes.” If it were anyone else, this could have been disregarded as a joke, but if Saudi Arabia can build a futuristic mega-city, they surely can make cutting-edge aircraft. 

Klaus Goersch, the CEO of Neom Airlines, claimed, “This new future is what we are building in the North West of Saudi Arabia. The goal is to make the traveler’s journey as seamless as possible”. 

To fulfill these claims, Neom Airlines plans to equip its aircraft with interior design that makes the experience feel like it’s out of a sci-fi film. Along with the epitome of comfortable traveling, the Airline aims to provide the best possible entertainment experience.

It has been reported that the aircraft will operate 6G Wi-Fi and large screens on every seat, allowing gaming experiences. Moreover, the planes will potentially have chat software built-in to every seat.

What else is different

If you’re one of those people who are not impressed by all of this and might be thinking, “That’s not futuristic.” Neom Airlines has also announced that they will make air travel Visa-free. Yes! No more visa-related hassle. 

Neom Airlines plans to introduce next-gen facial recognition systems that allow airports to eliminate Visa checking and departure gates. 

Neom Airlines’ CEO said, “Just imagine if your bags were collected from your home or office and delivered to the hotel or residence you were going to. Imagine if biometrics were advanced enough to recognize you via facial recognition as soon as you walked into a building, security clearing you for travel without the need for ever going through a gate – let alone having to bother with a visa”.

That sounds like a futuristic enough promise!


Neom Airlines is on track to revolutionize air travel in Saudi Arabia and the entire globe. In the same way, Saudi residents will be the first ones to reap the fruit of Neom City, the benchmark of future urban development; they will also be the first to enjoy the state-of-the-art Neom Airlines.

For the first two years of its operations, the Airline will only be available to people in Saudi Arabia. Lastly, the revenue generated by these endeavors will bring about a new dawn in Saudi Arabia.