NEOM Shows The Line Under Construction With New Drone Footage

Drone footage by Saudi Arabia-based OT Sky for NEOM's The Line shows the 170-kilometer-long vertical city project breaking ground.

The megacity is now operational

Drone footage for NEOM’s The Line shows the 170-kilometer-long vertical city project breaking ground. Just over a year after the idea got initially conceptualized.

The footage, made public by the Saudi Arabia-based OT Sky drone firm and posted on YouTube by Dezeen, shows numerous excavators constructing a long, straight path through the desert.

YouTube video

The architectural masterpiece, created to complement nature, has a mirrored front and a slim design. To reduce its carbon footprint. The Line won’t have any cars, roads, or carbon emissions.

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Will eventually house nine million people, reported earlier this year.

In contrast to significant buildings, NEOM The Line’s design blends public parks, pedestrian areas, schools, housing, and places of employment on a tiny 34-square-kilometer site close to the Tabuk region.


As the vision of the future of living, NEOM offered the idea in July:

“Presenting a 170 km vertical city that can be traversed from end to end in 20 minutes. The Line is the future of metropolitan living.

It offers inhabitants a comfortable lifestyle in areas only a 5-minute walk away and in three-dimensional communities.”

The city will help to preserve 95% of NEOM’s territory by putting nature ahead of development.

All amenities will be within a five-minute stroll for residents. A high-speed train will whisk them in just 20 minutes from one end to the other.

Trojena recently secured the right to host the Asian Winter Games in 2029. According to other recent regional news.

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The ski resort and tourist destination, distinguished by its lofty mountain range, is scheduled for completion by 2026.

Trojena will soon welcome the openings of the 25hours Hotel and the Morgans Originals Hotel. The ski resorts will have top-notch dining establishments.

It will have an on-site movie theatre, a ski slope roof, and a rooftop bar showing the stunning Trojena mountains. @discoverneom /

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