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DGDA Launches The ‘Program Your Passion’ Initiative for Youth

TechDGDA Launches The 'Program Your Passion' Initiative for Youth

RIYADH — The Diriyah Gate Development Authority’s (DGDA) Community Engagement Department will launch the “Program Your Passion” program.

The initiative will train male and female middle and high school students from the Diriyah community in STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

This training will help develop the skills to join an expanding, digital, and technology-driven job market.

The youth-centric initiative will e launched in collaboration with some of the world’s top gaming academies.

“Program our Passion” will convert Diriyah students from technology consumers to producers and developers. The goal here is to develop local qualifications where it drives the transfer and deployment of technology to industries.

“Program Your Passion” has two components. The first introduces the science behind students’ favorite video games. This includes coding, programming, gameplay mechanics, and the algorithms used for the games.

The second component focuses on designing digital game art, animation, concept art, and 3D modeling.

The Arabic-taught programs will cover all significant game development concepts. These will guide students through the game design process, from concept to development and the final testing.

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12 Saudi male and female instructors will be enrolled in the “Trainer’s training” program. This program is a set of training workshops to prepare the course instructors.

DigiPen Academy in Diriyah is the collaborating partner for both programs. As an after-school program for high school boys and girls, the courses will be held on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Middle school boys and girls attend the program on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

DigiPen offers more than 100 educational programs. That builds upon essential academic competencies with a unique, structured experience.

Every student is given a customized working plan as trainers track students’ progress based on their performance in three essential skills.

Ahlam Al Thunayyan, DGDA’s director of the Community Shared Values department, said the Authority is keen to start quality initiatives for the Diriyah community in line with Vision 2030.

The community initiative will help build digital capabilities within Diriyah and promote digital skills to showcase the students’ rich culture and heritage.

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