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How Foreigners Get Permission To Buy Property In Saudi Arabia, KSA

BusinessHow Foreigners Get Permission To Buy Property In Saudi Arabia, KSA

Foreigners (Ex-pats) require approval or permission from a Saudi Ministry before buying land or property in KSA.

How do you get Permission From The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Or The Saudi Ministry Of The Interior?

Foreign Individuals Need Permission from the Saudi Ministry of Interior (MOI)

Foreign nationals are required to get written approval to purchase/buy land, buildings, or residential property in KSA. A buyer must obtain permission to purchase any property from the Saudi Ministry of The Interior before registering the sale at the Saudi Ministry of Justice. 

Foreign Companies Need Permission from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

Similarly, foreign-registered companies require a Foreign Investment License and approval to buy land or property for business or residential use from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KSA.

How to get Foreigners the Permission To Buy Property in KSA

You must register and apply online on Absher or the Saudi government portal to get permission. 

A Foreigner must prepare and submit the following documents to the KSA Government for approval to purchase/buy the property.

The Buyer can scan and submit these documents electronically. The ministry will take two to four weeks to reply and give the approval. 

However, not everyone will get the approval. The Saudi Government will only grant Permission to foreign residents working in certain professions and Foreign companies with SAGIA Foreign Investment Licenses.

Application criteria and qualifications

  1. Have A Valid Saudi Residence Permit (Iqama)
  2. Be Financially sound
  3. Be well established in the kingdom for 10+.
  4. Have your family established in KSA
  5. Use the property family residence.
  6. Invest your salary in KSA.
  7. Submit to Absher a PDF Copy of the Title Deed, Owner ID Number, Property Number, PDF Copy of the Sales Contract & PDF Copy of the construction approval.

How To Get the Permission To Buy Property

  1. Log into your Business or Individual Absher account
  2. Click My Services
  3. Choose Public Services
  4. Click Request to Own a Property For Non-Saudis
  5. Fill in the Property Request Form
  6. Upload the Requested Documents (See above)
  7. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and Submit.

A response will take a few weeks. In the meantime, you can log into Absher and click Inquire Request to get an update on your application.

The Apps Tech Solutions will show you how to use Absher.

Documents Required By An Individual Foreigner Buyer For Transfer Of Title 

Here is the list of Documents Required by Foreign Buyers For the Transfer Of Title are: 

  • Cover Letter- Listing the Property Type, Area, and Specific Address
  • Copy of the Current Passport, a Copy of the First Passport Used On Entry To Saudi Arabia
  • Scanned Copies of the Applicant And Spouse’s Residency Permit (Iqama)
  • Arabic translated Copy of the Birth Certificate of all Children. Translation Services cost SR 50- SR 80
  • Employment Letter With Salary Employer Character Reference from HR
  • GOSI (General Organization for Social Insurance) certificate with applicant’s insurance contribution. 
  • Stamped Bank Statement showing at least six months’ salary transfers
  • Copy of Property Deed for the Property You Wish To Buy 
  • Copy Of Building Permit from the concerned authority.
  • Copy Shaikh Al Aqar Survey Report
  • Building Plan, complete site plan detailing property dimensions, municipality building number (provide a clickable link), area and street names, and prominent landmarks.  

You will need the following documents to buy land for a building or residential property as a foreigner-owned company in KSA. 

Documents Required by Foreign Company Buyers For Transfer Of Title 

Here is the list of Documents Required by Foreign Company Buyers For Transfer Of Title

  1. Authorization Letter if Power of Attorney (Third Party). The authorization letter is dated within the last five years.
  2. Foreign companies require an Approval Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Payment, 
    • A Certified Check 
    • Notice of Deposit of reserved funds
    • Notice of payment Pre Approval
    • Payment is in FULL in a single transfer. No cash payment is allowed. 
  4. Checks on Company Purchaser require the following Documents. 
    • Company Articles
    • Company Articles of Association
    • Any Article Amendments Should Be Notarized
  5. Commercial Registry- Valid and Accessible for Checking
  6. Sales or purchases MUST be stipulated in the contract.
  7. Confirmation Letter MUST include
    • Agency Name
    • Legal Capacity Details
  8. Copy of Commercial Registration with Registration Number and Particulars
  9. For Joint Ownership With Foreign Partner (s), a document showing the registered company owns and can dissolve the company. Written Permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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