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Check Saudi Property Ownership Or Title Deed Search

BusinessCheck Saudi Property Ownership Or Title Deed Search

How to check the Title of a Property to Ensure Title Deed matches the Official Ministry Record

What to check for:

Once the buyer and the seller settle on a price, it is time to search & check the title deed for the land or property, & the most important thing to check for is the title on the ownership’s deed matches the Saudi Ministry of Justice’s record.

After agreeing on a price with the ownership and obtaining Saudi authority approval, you will need to search & check that the title deeds for the land or the advertised property correspond with those held at the Saudi Ministry of Justice notary agency. 

You will need Saudi authority approval from the seller to conduct a Real Estate Deeds Property Search.   

Information required from the seller to conduct the Title Search

The seller must give you the following:

  • Unique property search number
  • Registration date

Alternatively, you could employ the following method, use:

  • The property’s unique search number
  • Seller’s national ID number

Where do you search for the information

Enter the above details in the E-portal of the Ministry of Justice  Validation of Real Estate or use the Inquiry About Real Estate Deeds portal. 

The search result will provide a detailed report. It will show if there are any encumbrances like mortgages, or assets claims against the property searched for.

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Any and all discrepancies must be cleared and acted upon prior to the final sale and payment transaction.

Information on the title deed

A title deed will show the property type, status, location, city, district, specific area, and unique property number.


All title deed searches are free of cost and printable.