Review Of Sadelle’s At Mansard Hotel In Riyadh, A Radisson Collection

Review on A Radisson Collection Hotel, Sadelle's at Mansard Riyadh. Experience based on appearances, food, menu, price, timings etc.

A Radisson Collection Hotel, Sadelle’s at Mansard Riyadh delivers a distinctive experience based solely on appearances. Without glancing over the menu. You’ll understand what we mean once you enter.

Before you even have your menu in front of you, the room will energize you because of its size, airiness, high ceilings, and abundance of natural light.

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A sit-down restaurant and a shop counter up front. You can purchase bagels, babka, and other delectable pastries and coffee to make up Sadelle’s Riyadh.

The restaurant’s design combines modern and historical components to create a classy but laid-back atmosphere. Kelly green, soothing pastel blue, salmon pink, and marble inlaid pillars.

Flooring and brass accents give off a glam, old-world European vibe. It embraces luxury in every aspect of its design. It includes the grand spiral staircase that leads to the mezzanine level directly above the coffee shop.

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The dining area welcomes visitors into a spacious European hall. The hotel’s architecture reflects the distinctive Parisian Haussmann style of the mid-1800s. It transports visitors into an elegant and fashionable old world.

The Menu

When you finally get around to picking up the menu, you’ll understand why this Riyadh restaurant has swiftly established itself as a mainstay in the dining scene.

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At Sadelle’s, breakfast is a formal occasion. We almost felt like we were in the center of Europe when drinking our matcha latte (SAR 35) in the wealthy eating area.

By no means is the menu light. All kinds of eggs, fish towers, blueberry pancakes, French toast, avocado toast, ricotta-filled crepes, grilled halloumi, and caviar service are on the menu.

Starting at 11 am, the restaurant also offers New York favorites like triple-decker sandwiches, meticulously chopped salads, pizza, and expertly prepared meat and fish.

These have become iconic, like Sadelle’s bagels smoked fish towers. Sadelle’s is, in essence, the best example of an all-day café.

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Cured or smoked fish

We order these two dishes from the menu to begin our morning experience,

  • A stunning tower of smoked Scottish (SAR 110) with all the fixings, including cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, cucumbers, and dill.
  • As well as our option of a sesame bagel, and Leo (SAR 110), which consists of house salmon atop an omelet and gets served with our choice of a plain bagel.

If you want a heartier taste, the smoked Scottish is the way to go of the sea. The house salmon, which gets delicately cured and very silky, seduces with delicacy.

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Breakfast tastes great since the bagels are chewy and substantial. The cream cheese spreads well and uniformly.

The open-faced sandwiches’ build-your-own feature is what makes them particularly intriguing. We enjoy having complete control over how much each ingredient we want to add to the top of our bagel half.

We get a slice of chocolate babka for dessert (SAR 25). Nearly flawless are the complex cross-sections with captivating swirls in the dark

The babka is perfect in every way: creamy, slightly dry, and resembling a loaf of bread. In addition, it has a rich and decadent chocolate coating on top.

Despite the high costs, we would return to Sadelle’s for the fish and bagels. Also, remember that most dishes are generous enough to split if you can ask for a table on the patio with views of the magnificent plaza at Mansard Riyadh.

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  • Sadelle’s, open from 7 am to midnight on Friday and Saturday,
  • A Radisson Collection hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. @sadellesriyadh
  • Located at 4248 Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Road in Mansard Riyadh,

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