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5 Best Hotels to Stay in Riyadh

Travel and Places5 Best Hotels to Stay in Riyadh

You will discover a rich tapestry of cultural experiences in Riyadh, from visiting museums and galleries to exploring traditional souks and modern shopping malls. The city’s historical heritage sites, such as Diriyah and Masmak Fortress, offer a glimpse into its storied past. Regarding dining, Riyadh boasts a diverse culinary scene featuring everything from authentic Saudi cuisine to international flavors.

With its blend of tradition and modernity, Riyadh offers visitors a truly dynamic and captivating experience.

Whether you seek gilded Arabian glamour or modern European charm, these top hotels are perfect for visiting the dynamic and ever-evolving metropolis.

Here are some of the best hotels to stay in Riyadh:

Four Seasons Hotel

Combining Riyadh’s most iconic landmark, the Kingdom Centre (also known as Kingdom Tower), with the impeccable service of the well-established Four Seasons Hotel offers the ultimate choice for a stay in Saudi Arabia. Rising like a gleaming needle from the center of King Fahd Road, Kingdom Centre stands tall with its 99 stories, housing a luxurious mall and the Four Seasons hotel, which opened its doors in 2003. 

Four Seasons Riyadh
Image Credit: Four Seasons Riyadh

With stunning views overlooking King Fahd Road from the 30th to 50th floors, prices for accommodations at this luxurious establishment typically range from $200 to $500 per night, offering guests an unparalleled experience at the heart of the kingdom.

Image Credit: Four Seasons Riyadh

Experience a unique dining affair above Riyadh’s skyline with a candlelit table for two set on the bridge atop the Kingdom Centre.

Address: Kingdom Centre, 2239 King Fahd Rd, Riyadh 12214

Website: Book Here

Contact Number: +966 11 211 5000

Fairmont Riyadh

Here’s a luxury hotel brand leaving a mark in Saudi Arabia. This is Fairmont’s second lavish property in the country, offering a five-star experience at every turn. Every corner shines with distinctive Arabian luxury, where no expense has been spared.

Fairmont Riyadh