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Top 15 Restaurants For Dinner in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

LifestyleTop 15 Restaurants For Dinner in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Let’s take you on a tour of some of the perfect Riyadh restaurants.

As alcohol is prohibited in the Kingdom, you won’t find any in the way of bars and nightclubs in Saudi Arabia. In most strict Muslim countries, life here is centered around family-oriented activities. Of which dining out is one.

Since eating out could be the mainstay of a family’s entertainment, a lavish and vibrant restaurant scene can be seen in the Kingdom’s capital, Riyadh.

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As a cosmopolitan city, Riyadh boasts Michelin-star dining restaurants and hole-in-the-wall eateries. Locals, as well as ex-pats, savor local and international cuisine at these restaurants.

Here are some of the best of Riyadh’s dining restaurants:

List of Top 15 Riyadh Dining Restaurants

  1. Al Orjouan Restaurant
  2. Yokari Restaurant
  3. The Globe Restaurant
  4. Lusin Restaurant
  5. Hualan Restaurant
  6. Najd Village Restaurant
  7. Elements Restaurant in Riyadh
  8. Spazio Restaurant in Riyadh
  9. Set Al-Sham Restaurant
  10. Mirage Restaurant in Riyadh
  11. Taste of India Restaurant
  12. Fairuz Garden Restaurant
  13. Al Nakheel Dining Restaurant in Riyadh
  14. Hamburgini Restaurant in Riyadh
  15. Gulluoglu Restaurant in Riyadh

Al Orjouan Restaurant

This Ritz-Carlton gem is widely known as one of Riyadh’s finest all-day dining restaurants. This one is a firm favorite among the hotel guests and the local residents.

Its Friday buffet brunch is trendy among those looking to feast on a sumptuous spread of international and Middle Eastern specialties.

With 20 food stations on offer and a kids club to entertain little ones, it doesn’t surprise that Al Orjouan has become a Riyadh institution.

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Yokari Restaurant

Yokari is undoubtedly not the cheapest dining restaurant in Riyadh, but nothing beats it for that gourmet-style Japanese cuisine.

There are no sushi platters or omakase-style dining here; this high-end establishment steers away from the usual clichés.

Diners are encouraged to ask their waiter to explain the dishes on offer. Each dish is presented beautifully and prepared with the precision of a technician.

Yokari, with its minimalist interior and cozy table set, is a place for foodies who enjoy an intimate dining experience.

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The Globe Restaurant

The Globe is your ticket if you want to enjoy an elaborate dining experience. Located inside the golden glass orb atop the Al Faisaliah Tower, the spectacle alone is worth the trip.

This exclusive fine-dining restaurant in Riyadh offers a wide selection of Arabic and continental cuisine.

It is also the home of the hugely popular afternoon tea set, served against the panoramic views of the city.

What can be more exquisite than sipping on a cup of refreshing specialty tea and enjoying a sumptuous dessert while perched 240 meters up in the sky?

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Lusin Restaurant

This critically acclaimed restaurant in Riyadh lies nestled at the high-end Centria Mall. Lusin takes its name from the Armenian word for ‘moon.’

It offers distinctive flavors of Armenian culture. The venue maintains an intimate and warm feel even with its prestigious status.