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Al-Saif Beach, Jeddah

LifestyleAl-Saif Beach, Jeddah

Opened in 2015, Al-Saif Beach quickly became one of the famous tourist attractions in Jeddah.

It extends over 3km of land, with clear water and a surprisingly clean beach, considering the number of people who visit it daily.

Moreover, Al-Saif Beach has a calm ambiance, making it a perfect spot for tourists. You can also go for

  • Horse riding
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Surfing
  • Beach Buggy rides

A children’s play area provides various safe rides and games to keep the children occupied. Therefore, Al-Saif beach is ideal for family trips and for parents to relax while their children play in the play area.  

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Furthermore, you can enjoy barbeque parties and bonfires after sunset. Proper parking is also available near the restrooms.

However, while swimming, you must follow the Saudi government’s protocols, such as the dress code. 

There are several shops lined on the beach as well. Everything from food items, ice creams, gifts, and toys is available at those shops. Also, there is a makeshift prayer area on the beach. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Q. What are Al-Saif’s opening hours?

It is open 24/7 for everyone.

2- Q. Where is Al-Saif beach located?

It is located south of Jeddah, around 60 km from Jeddah City Centre. 

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3- Q. Are there any hotels located near Al-Saif beach?

Yes. Several hotels and restaurants are available near Al-Saif beach. These hotels include Naseem Al-Rawdah, Bhadur Hotel Jeddah, and Aldafwa Villas.

4- Q. Is there any entry fee for the beach?

No, entry is free of cost.

5- Q. Is swimming allowed at Al-Saif beach?

Yes, you can swim at the beach, given that you abide by rules imposed by the government. 

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