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Saudi Arabia Extends Entry Visas For Three Months

Jawazat & MOISaudi Arabia Extends Entry Visas For Three Months

Instead of one month, guests will now get permitted to stay for three months. To make the nation more accessible to travelers entry, Saudi Arabia is continuing to change its visa policies.

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The latest change will give visitors more time to explore Saudi Arabia. By extending the duration of single-entry visas from a month to three. This will hold for all single-entry visit visas.

Before, holders of single-entry visit visas could stay in the Kingdom for 30 days. Those with multiple-entry visas may remain for up to 90 days.

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The Council of Ministers announced the adjustments on Tuesday. The council also approved the decision to extend the validity of transit visas to 96 hours, without a fee and with a validity of three months simultaneously.

The Cabinet met at Al Yamamah Palace under the chairmanship of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Both sets of visa modifications were approved.

Recent changes

As of September 1, residents of the GCC can use an online site to apply for a tourism eVisa.

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Before traveling to Saudi Arabia due to a statute signed by the ministry of tourism. Permanent residents of the UK, the EU, and the US are now eligible for the visa-on-arrival program of the Kingdom.

Thanks to this development, millions of tourists can now visit the nation without going to their country’s embassy beforehand.

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A valid UK, US, or Schengen visa holder who has visited the UK, US, or Schengen countries at least once on that visa is eligible to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa on arrival.

In other words. You can arrive in Saudi Arabia and obtain a 12-month tourist visa without using it in advance.