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How To Stay Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi

TechHow To Stay Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is one of the best conveniences this digital world has given us. From checking emails at coffee shops to scrolling through social media, we all use public networks. However, with convenience, this also brings many safety concerns, such as data breaches.

Thus, one must use public Wi-Fi carefully to avoid cybersecurity threats. This guide will let you know how to stay safe while using it. Therefore, remain around us and keep reading!

Use 2FA

The first step to staying safe when using public Wi-Fi, such as free Wi-Fi, is to enable “Two-Factor Authentication” or “2FA” on your device.

It is like adding an extra layer of security to your device, as it requires an additional code with the password to access it.

Thus, it prevents unauthorized access to your accounts or devices. So, while using public Networks, one must enable 2FA for important accounts such as banking, email, and social media. 

Avoid Accessing Sensitive Information

Although public Wi-Fi is convenient, there are better places to access sensitive information. Thus, while using public Wi-Fi, avoid any unimportant access to your sensitive accounts and information, such as emails, banking apps, and other account details.

This simple yet effective approach will help you to keep your sensitive data safe from falling into the wrong hands. 

Use a VPN

A “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) provides a simple solution for individuals seeking to secure their online activity on public networks. Encrypting data by a VPN safeguards it from cyberattacks and various security risks. This also prevents hackers from accessing your information when utilizing public Wi-Fi.

Turn off File Sharing 

Utilizing public networks, such as those provided by hotels like Marriott, requires turning off file sharing to safeguard sensitive data from potential cybersecurity risks.

Implementing this straightforward measure significantly decreases the chance of compromising personal information due to data breaches or other security threats. 

Forget the Network When You Stop Using It

Last, forget and disconnect the network when you have stopped using a public network. This prevents your device from automatically reconnecting to the network later, potentially leaving you vulnerable. It is an easy yet crucial step that can significantly enhance your digital privacy and overall online protection while utilizing public connections.