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Tourist Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

Travel and PlacesTourist Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a hub for International travelers because it contains many landmarks that most Muslim pilgrims visit. Many Muslims book Umrah packages from the United Kingdom and other countries to perform the Umrah and visit the important historic landmarks in various cities like Riyadh, Mecca, Madinah, and Al-Turaif.

There are various places in Saudi Arabia that Muslim pilgrims visit, and they are sacred places. We will discuss some places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that an international traveler should visit. Most of them are included in the Umrah Package Ziarats. The following are the places that a UK traveler should visit.  

Masjid al-Haram

Masjid Al Haram is one of the sacred mosques among all the Muslim communities in the United Kingdom and other countries. The Holy Kaaba and many other relics of Islam are attached to this mosque. Especially the Black Stone (Hajar e Aswad), which is a stone that was brought from heaven. Kissing the black stone is a beautiful Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH. The virtue of offering one prayer in Masjid Al Haram has increased many times. Pilgrims visit Masjid Al Haram, and thousands of pilgrims visit during the Umrah. 

AL Masjid An-Nabawi

Many people, after performing the Umrah, visit the Masjid An Nabawi. After visiting this mosque, a few businessmen who have to attend business meetings in Dubai book flight to Dubai from any travel agency in Saudi Arabia or the United Kingdom. You can also return to your homeland. But if your holidays remain, you can visit other destinations in neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia. 

Prophet’s PBUH Mosque was also the parliament of Right Guided Caliphs of Islam. Many important decisions were made in this mosque. It was the capital of the Muslim Caliphate for many years. Holy Prophet PBUH took refuge in the Madinah when the infidels of Mecca forced Muhammad PBUH to leave Mecca. Many holy sites are connected to the Prophet PBUH of Islam. Many pilgrims visit other places in the Madinah besides the Masjid An Nabawi. 

The National Museum

Many international travelers visit Riyadh due to this museum. Passengers can find this museum in the city of Riyadh. Most Islamic relics are stored in the museum, and many international travelers, including UK travelers, visit here to see those relics. There are eight halls in the National Museum, which are as follows:

  • Hall of Man and the Universe
  • Hall of the Arab Kingdoms
  • Hall of Pre-Islamic Era
  • Hall of the Prophet’s Mission
  • Hall of Islam and the Arabian Peninsula
  • Hall of the First Saudi State and Second Saudi State
  • Unification of the Kingdom Hall
  • Hall of Hajj and Two Holy Mosques

The first three halls of the Museum are on the ground floor, and the rest of the halls are on the first floor of the building. These include many important heritage of Islam. 

King Fahad’s Fountain

Many International travelers visit this fountain to enjoy themselves with their families and enjoy the colorful spotlights around the fountain. King Fahad bin Abdulaziz gave the gift to Jeddah in 1985, and it is the tallest fountain of its type in the world. Most people in the world know this from the Jeddah Fountain. There is a unique charm of drinking tea or beer nearby. There are different spotlights in the neighborhood that add beauty. At night, it looks like the most beautiful scenery, and its beauty attracts visitors around. 

Al-Balad Jeddah

Al Balad is known as the historic Hub located in Jeddah, and Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. Al Balad is a word in Arabic that means “The Town.” Many UK travelers visit the city of Balad for the unique architecture and historic buildings in the city center. There are many Islamic Heritage Buildings located in the city of Al-Balad.

Most pilgrims who want to perform the Umrah arrive at the Jeddah International Airport. Instead of visiting Mecca, they can visit the City of Al Balad and briefly learn about the city’s unique architecture. Mosques in the Al Balad are constructed using the unique designs of Arab architects. 

Uhud Mountain

Uhud is a mountain located in the Madinah and one of the famous Battle (Gazwa) of Uhud was fought there. Many Muslim pilgrims visit this battleground. Muslims won in this battle even though their army was smaller in numbers. The Force of Infidels of Quraysh was led by Abu Sufyan, who accepted Islam Later. In the neighborhood of this mountain, there is a beautiful mosque named Sayyid Ash-Shuhada Mosque, which is also one of the attractions of Muslim tourists. 

The Masjid al-Qiblatayn

Qiblatayn is a collection of Qibla, which means the direction of prayer. This mosque is famous for changing the Qibla from Al-Aqsa to the Holy Kaabah. It was ordered during the Prayer Al-Zhuhar. The architecture of the mosque is heart-crushing, and man can feel the good in it. The Interior of the Mehrab is also well-designed, and a heart-touching feel comes at first sight. Muslim pilgrims visit this mosque after performing the Umrah.

King Abdullah Park

It is a tourist attraction for travelers visiting Saudi Arabia to spend their holidays there. This park is located in the neighborhood of Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Stadium. It is also located near Al Malazz Square in Riyadh. The Park is managed and administrated by the Municipality of Riyadh as it was turned into a Public Park. When Prince Salman was the governor of Riyadh, he constructed the Park, which Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud later succeeded. 

At-Turaif World Heritage Site

Al Turaif is one of the Heritage sites for international travelers. Many global travelers visit here to see the places for which Al-Turaif is known worldwide. Atturaif Living Museum has won the National Winner award from UNESCO. Following are some of the historic places and monuments of the Al-Turaif District. 

  • Salwa Palace It is known for its unique Al-Najad style Architecture, which covers about 10,000 square meters. 
  • Saad bin Saud Palace It is a traditional home for the Royal Saud Family and was the capital of Early Saudi states.
  • The Guest House and At-Turaif Bath House are famous among global travelers due to their unique and old Arabic architecture. 
  • Imam Muhammad bin Saud Mosque is one of the most important archeological buildings and landmarks in Al-Diriyah. 

After performing the Umrah, Muslim travelers can visit the beauty of these places. They can also visit Dubai to enjoy themselves on the beaches of Palm Jumeirah, Marina, or Deira. Their last option is to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their homeland. However, Dubai is one of the important places that most pilgrims visit after the performance of Umrah. Many travel agencies in the United Kingdom offer halal-friendly holidays for destinations like Dubai.