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Genesis showcases its first electric vehicle at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

AutoGenesis showcases its first electric vehicle at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

The luxury car brand Genesis officially presented its first electric vehicle today, under the name Electrified G80, during its first participation in the 2021 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The new car is the electric prototype of the popular G80.

The luxury brand also displayed the Genesis X Concept for the first time in the Asian market – a futuristic electric sports car in the “Gran Turismo (GT)” category, which reflects the company’s vision for the future of sporty and luxury design.

Genesis broadcast its participation in the official Shanghai Auto Show on its Genesis Worldwide YouTube channel. During the event, the luxury brand presented its strategy to deal with the global and Chinese markets.

On this occasion, Jay Chang, Global President of Genesis, said: “We consider our participation today to be a significant distinction and importance for the Genesis brand.

Today’s participation in the exhibition is the first of its kind, and we have announced a new product outside Korea for the first time. We are introducing our distinctive, fully electric Electrified G80 car, with which we begin entering the world of electric vehicles.”

The estimated maximum path limit for each charge is more than 500 km, based on the NEDC standard. The figure is estimated at 427 km, according to the Korean Electric Vehicle Certification System. The rapid charging of the new 350 kWh vehicle enables the battery to be charged from 10% to 80% in 22 minutes. Just.

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The Electrified G80 comes with an AWD system, with a strong performance of 272 kW and torque of 700 Nm, by using two engines of 136 kW and 350 Nm for the front and rear wheels, allowing dynamic driving and acceleration capacity of 0 To 100 km per hour in just 4.9 seconds (in sports mode – according to the Genesis Research and Development Center).

The Genesis’ first electric vehicle has an Advanced Intelligent Disconnect System (DAS) that can automatically switch on or off the electric motor and drivetrain based on different driving conditions, including vehicle speed and driving position, enabling seamless switching between 2WD and 4WD to reduce power loss—unnecessary and also increased efficiency.

The Electrified G80 also features an 800V / 400V multi-fast charging system, allowing customers to use different charging infrastructures. The electric motor and transducer can raise the charging power from 400 volts to 800 volts, a better system for more stable charging. You can also benefit from the 400-volt charging system without an additional transformer, just like the 800-volt system.

The Electrified G80 also offers the V2L feature, which enables customers to connect and operate their electrical appliances from the electrical power of 3.6 kW, which is higher than the level the family uses at home, making it possible to use electrical appliances easily outside the car.

Genesis also equipped the car with ANC-R (Active Road Noise Control), formerly known as RANC, to ensure a comfortable driving experience, as it reduces the noise level significantly by measuring road noise and analyzing it using four sensors and six microphones inside the vehicle, then Issuing opposite sounds at the same time to cancel their effect.

The Electronically Controlled Suspension System (Pre-view ECS) helps create an ideal, smooth driving experience. It can be controlled via the information provided through the front camera and the navigation system around obstacles on the road.

The Electrified G80 conforms to the G80’s design character, based on sporty elegance and a design inspired by “Beauty of white Space,” adding various elements from those of high-end electric sedans.

It comes with a distinctive Genesis Crest Grille front that gives the pinnacle of aerodynamics and aerodynamics and features a G-Matrix pattern to underline the G80 EV’s mission of achieving sustainability.

The cargo door is located in the upper right corner of the front grille, becomes invisible when closed, and adds the two-line design.
Chrome finish inside the charging socket, highlighting the design identity and the new Genesis identity.

The G80 electric vehicle also features the latest technologies that reflect and emphasize sustainability concepts. The solar roof integrated into the top can generate electricity using sunlight with solar panels that increase energy efficiency.

The car’s interior is made from many natural and recycled materials, including genuine leather in the seats and the console and armrests of the rear seats. An eco-friendly wood trim made from recycled pieces of wood from the furniture manufacturing process has also been used, and the eco-friendly fabric is also made from recycled PET.

To distinguish them, Genesis will offer a new color for the Electrified G80: material blue on the outside and dark green in two shades on the inside.

Electric cars are among the main strategies of Genesis, aiming to design and provide new customer experiences with its luxury electric models. The company has begun its era with electric cars by introducing the G80 electric variant and will excel in driving innovation to offer other electric models.