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Opensooq – Online Classified Platform in Saudi Arabia

BusinessOpensooq - Online Classified Platform in Saudi Arabia

With an annual net worth of $30 billion, OpenSooq is an Arabic classified ads platform. It operates online and enables the buying and selling various products, including cars, electronics, real estate properties, and furniture. 

It is extremely vital in terms of business to be able to target an audience in a way that they find most convenient. OpenSooq fully utilizes the benefits of electronic commerce to make this possible. 

Online websites make the processes of buying and selling much more convenient. They also make it extremely easy to store data in an organized and efficient way. 

Founded in 2000, the objective of OpenSooq has remained the same for years: to make an electronic market available to users where buyers and sellers of the same community can interact. Especially carry out cost-effective and fruitful communication.

Where does OpenSooq operate

In addition to that, the website OpenSooq operates in a vast number of countries. Such as,

  • The Middle East and MENA region, including,
  • Jordan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Iraq
  • Oman
  • Egypt
  • Bahrain
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Sudan
  • Yemen
  • Qatar
  • Palestine
  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Mauretania
  • Tunis

One of the biggest benefits of OpenSooq is that it assures users’ safety and security, is easy to operate, and provides high-quality products. 

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Therefore, gaining the support of several users who wish to display ads. These users consequently aim to become Jordan’s most popular online retail website.

Mission and Visions

For over a decade, the main objective of OpenSooq has remained excellent customer service. All users of the website are witnessing this.

Moreover, one of the reasons that consumers prefer this website is that it is accessible to everyone. 

This included companies as well as individuals looking to advertise. OpenSooq targets its audience by using platforms such as WhatsApp business. This allows them to engage with its customers most comfortably and conveniently. 

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Doing so gains users’ trust and can set up a more reliable system. Also, agent-to-customer conversations have become much more efficient than other online platforms.

Not only did this method increase customer satisfaction, but it also made it cost-effective, making it a successful communication method.

OpenSooq’s Services

Apart from advertising products, OpenSooq provides a platform for job-seeking individuals. The region’s top employers post jobs every day.

OpenSooq allows users to look for employment in their desired location. While also providing them with relevant information such as salaries, employee reviews, and interview offers.

Regarding website operation, ads are neatly organized into over 120 categories and subcategories. This includes autos, cars, real estate, electronics, video games, cell phones, furniture, clothes and fashion items, books, and magazines. 

Along with all kinds of services and sectors to make buying and selling convenient for users. For example, when buying cars, a customer tends to keep the budget and quality of the product in mind. 

This platform meets these consequent demands of a customer by making specific features available, such as options and filters.

These options allow a customer to view customized results. They can find information related to the car, such as its model, year, condition, and price.

In addition, OpenSooq provides its users with a wide range of public services, including booking airline tickets, hotels, work visas, and many others, allowing users to quickly and efficiently carry out these tasks. 

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This platform also makes real estate properties available for buying and renting. The entire process is initiated by contacting the seller, and in this way, a customer can efficiently buy or sell through a trusted website.

Opensooq’s Achievements

Moreover, easy registration and logging in through portable devices like smartphones or laptops allow OpenSooq to be made available to all users through simple steps. 

This process is free of cost, providing a convenient online working environment for everyone.